Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No pictures yet...

but need to post anyway!
Have you ever had friends that you were so 'close' to that even when you have not seen each other for a while...you just take up with each other like you saw them just yesterday???

That is how our friendship is with Glen and Linda W. We got to go see them in Indiana this past weekend. Had a great time laughing and talking together! Got to thinking though, that it had been close to eight years since we had been there. They were here to see us a few years ago, but we have not been there in...forever!
I sincerely hope we never have to wait that long again! Got to see Joe and Jean P. too. Fun to all go to dinner together and then to a southern gospel concert,too. We all went to church together on Sunday, and Ron and I saw several friends there that we had not seen in a long time either. This is the church we went to and worked for during the time Kirk and Karen were both born. A lot of faces were 'missing'...either moved away or passed away...but we were so pleased to see and worship with quite a few.
All in all it was a GREAT weekend!!!!