Monday, February 16, 2009

Now what?

I tried to edit that last post : "Well...". because it posted before I was finished composing it. I typed in the information that I wanted to include, but the program would not let it post!?!?

I was just going to comment that I had resolved the picture size and it was posting in a size that you can view it all . Now, I f I can only fix the other problems! Smiling! as I type!!


at least the picture is now the right size so you can see it all. I wish the other problems would get fixed as easily! :-)


That is what I am feeling right now!!!
I can't seem to get any more of my pics to load to my computer. I have tried to use the jump drive Karen sent me, and the cd disc I got at Walgreen's, but I must be missing a step or something. I get all kinds of computer messages, but can't get any pictures! Then I tried to upload a pic of Ron and I to my Blog page. The site told me it was 'shrinking my pic to fit the space but as you can wasn't successful. Some things are accomplished so easily when I try to navigate through this site, but I wish there were better instructions, sometimes, for those of us who have trouble at times. Is there no "Home Page" you can go to to ask for help? I can't seem to find it if there is one.
Okay! I'm going todrop this subject for now, and calm down. Maybe next time I'll have happier things to say :-)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kirk's Early Birthday

The evening before we left to go back out to Oregon for Karen's surgery, we met Kirk, Stacy, and Emily at the Mexican restaurant in Tipton. Kevin and Cory and Maggy, and Dakota and his girlfriend Casey came too.

Here is Emily smiling big for the camera. This was before she pitched a fit about wanting to hold this cup by herself to get a drink!

Here is Maggy enjoying one of her favorites--Chips and salsa!. Casey is in the background. Cory had gathered Maggy's hair into a ponytail to get it out of her face.

Kevin and Ron are 'fixing up' the salsa to make it spicier. I think they almost got it too spicy.
Since we knew Kirk's birthday was going to be while we were gone---we decided to sing Happy Birthday to him. The proprieters heard us and brought him this sombrero to wear (and a shot of ?something?,too!). Then sang a Spanish version of a Happy Birthday song to him. He has already grown his mustache and beard for the cold season, and also because 'deer season' starts in just a few days.

This pic will have to be sideways since I forgot to turn it before I uploaded it. You can see how red his face got when he realized they had brought him that shot of ?something? He didn't want to offend them since they had brought it to him to be nice. They did not speak much English so he could explain about he just drank it. They thought they had really done him a favor!!
[ I'm glad Kistopher and I figured out how to get my pics where I could get them to upload for blogging. Thanks, Kris!]

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is "Bugging" you???

Do you have little things that bug you? Even when you are having a wonderful conversation with your really good friends...and something happens -either something they say or do, or something about their 'person' [ie the way they're dressed or something on their clothes etc.], or something going on in the area you are in- that is just "NOT RIGHT"!! No matter how you try to ignore just want to "FIX IT"!

Sometimes I can sucessfully ignore it. Sometimes I can't. And that has cost me a time or two. For some reason, my attempts to "fix" my friend were something that "bugged" them. Most of the time, now, I manage to keep my mouth shut. I hope that means that since my age has advanced, I have also reached a measure of maturity, too. LOL!

Since I am the sixth daughter in my family, and the one next to me was 12 years older than can figure that my parents were older than most of the kids my age. They came from an age where achievement in school was revered and expected. You didn't 'pass' from one grade to another until you had earned that honor! On top of that, they were both "wordsmiths". They read a lot and used 'big' words, did the daily crossword in the paper, things like that. Maybe because of that environment, and those genes, I rarely had trouble with spelling and vocabulary in school. I could visualize the word [most of the time] and literally "see" how it was spelled. I didn't understand, for a long time, that other people could not DO that! I am NOT 100% right all of the time, though, I get 'hung-up' on some of the 'tricky' parts of spelling, too. Some things I have just had to practice till I got them right, or just use a 'trick' of my own to help me remember.

I've been observing some things for a while, in speech and spelling used today, that have "bugged" me enough that I have tried to figure out the "why" of it. I have decided that one reason kids have trouble spelling is they have heard a lot of "lazy speech" from us. We don't pronounce things very distinctly and when a kid tries to sound out a word they write down what they hear. For instance: How is a kid going to know the difference between their, there, and they're if they all sound the same? So they write "Their deciding whether to put their stuff in that closet, or over their , in that one." instead of "They're deciding whether to put their stuff in that closet, or over there, in that one." Some things you just have to learn: the difference between loose and lose for example. If I say: "I need to loose some weight." Do I have it tied up somewhere and I need to let it free? LOSE is the word to use here. There are many other examples, but now you know what has been "bugging" ME lately. Have I "bugged" you with this? Do you have something "bugging" you that you would like to post on your blog?
{Oops! there is another one : when to use your and you're!]
Thanks for listening to my fussing! I feel better now! Heehee