Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sneaky Emily

Kirk, Stacy, and Emily came over from Eldon today. They worshipped with us at church, and then we met back at the house for dinner. They brought food from a cookout the night before with friends, and we had some from a dinner we had been to late last week, so we put it together for a "buffet" of sorts!

Emily[14 1/2 months] is eating 'table food' now so she enjoyed ham, some baked macaroni and cheese,etc. When she is through eating she lets you know by handing her plate back to you. Stacy cleaned her up and set her down on the floor to play. She headed, eventually, for the fan we have sitting on the floor and Stacy told her "No!". She backed away but in a few minutes was back again, bound and determined that this time she was going to touch it. Very stubborn about it, too! Finally, Stacy was able to convince her to seek something else to play with.

Later in the day we were all in the living room and she kept trying to get a CD that was on a shelf under the TV. When she was told "No!", she would go on to something else for a while but in a few minutes would be back at it again. Finally, when we were all looking the other way, she walked over and picked that CD up and ran as fast as she could into the kitchen. She thought it was a great game she was playing with us! It was all four adults could do to keep our faces composed !

Karl is 39!

Ron and I and Kristopher drove over to St. Louis yesterday to spend the day with Karl to celebrate his birthday--which is tomorrow--Monday the 28th. He is doing pretty well, there are a few rough spots, but he is learning how to handle them and go on to something better! It was great to go out to eat together and take him shopping!

When Karl was born, we were not so surprised to know that we had another little boy in our family. He was the fifth one! Even when he was tiny he seemed to know when it was time for Daddy to come home from work. He would start getting fussy and would not be content until Daddy came in the door and held him a few minutes. He had a great smile--more like a grin--that made everyone happy.

He always liked the music --on the stereo, at church, in the car,-- wherever we were. I remember one Sunday morning when he was 3 or 4 hearing him sing while sitting next to me in church and realizing that--he was singing a harmony part!
God bless you, Karl! I'm looking forward to this next year for you and all of the good things that are in store for you! Happy Birthday!

Monday, July 21, 2008

This seemed like my kind of 'Tag'Here are the rules:1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you! (Hey I figured out how to do it! Hope I remember how next time.)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update on the garden

There are LOTS of green tomatoes, but none are ripe yet :0( I think I can pick one of the peppers, though. Does anyone want to come weed???
Those 3 plants I had to tie up to stakes, are going to have to have a little more "tying-up" help, too. I forgot that they were the Roma tomato plants! They very definitely should have been in the cages!! They grow tall and have LOTS of fruit on them.
I'll try to get out EARLY Monday morning [while it is cooler] and do some hoeing and pull some weeds!
Looking forward to that first tomato sandwich!

Trip to Columbia

Ron and I went to Columbia on Thursday. He had an 11:00 appointment for a check-up with his heart doctor. We got in there about a 1/2 hour early, with our books to read while we waited for his appt. time. We didn't even get to open the books before they took him back to the exam room. Everything was "Fine. Good shape." with the heart exam; however since Ron had his shirt off for the exam the doctor noticed this row of what we thought were "itchy bug bites" across his left shoulder and one on his arm, too. He kept asking if the burned or were painful in any way. His concern was that they might be "Shingles" (part of the chicken pox/herpes virus family of ailments). If they were, he wanted Ron to get medication right away because they can be very painful. He suggested that he see our family doctor that day. When we told him that we would not be returning to Sedalia/Smithton until late evening he had his receptionist make an appointment with a dermatologist in Columbia for that day. Ron was a "work-in " so we expected to have a long wait at that office, but we were pleasantly surprised when they had him in the exam room pretty quickly. When this doctor and his assistant had examined the area and consulted their nerve chart (shingles follows a nerve path in the body) they determined that he very possibly did have Shingles! So he was given a prescription!
When we left that office we went to lunch and then to Sam's to look around for bargains and get some things we can't easily get in Sedalia. We had made arrangements with Kristopher to meet him after work and go to supper together. He suggested a new [to us] restaurant in the downtown area. It was really great! We were SO full! He went with us to Target for a little shopping and then we took him home and came home ourselves. It was good to get away and just do something different!
BTW when I got Ron's meds the next day...they are HUGE dark blue caplets! He's having fun trying to get those down!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's about time!

Guess what!?! They are grading the gutters and streets out front. All of Smithton's streets are supposed to get "chip and seal" over this and next Friday and Saturday. We are at the bottom of a hill and over the last ???(MANY!) years we and our neighbors have been the recipients of all the loose gravel that washed down the street from rain storms after they "oiled and chatted" the road. The drainage space between us and our neighbor to the east, that was supposed to take the excess water away from the front of our houses during a storm, was so full of rock, dirt, etc. that it was spilling over into her driveway. She could no longer even park her car in her driveway! They have cleaned most of that out as I am writing this! Now, I HOPE!!! that they get the right kind of stuff down and we don't have to put up with all of that anymore!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Wish I could post a picture!

Ron has a pretty old "work car" that now needs a few things done to it: like fixing the leaky radiator, and possibly a new battery!
He usually gets ready for work in the morning and comes in to kiss me good bye on his way out the door. [ Then I doze for a little while longer before I get up.] Since the radiator has been leaking, he has put water in it before he goes to work and then some more before he leaves for home. To turn the water on at home, he has to step into an unfinished flower bed [I won't go into how long it has been unfinished!]. There are a couple of landscape timbers laying in there that are eventually going to be used in finishing the project, and since the dewpoint was high, they were wet.
So, I am dozing in my recliner and I hear banging on the front door. I thought he must have started the car and remembered something he needed from the house. So I'm starting to get upand make my way to the stairs when I hear harder banging and "Hurry up!" When I get the door open I see Ron standing there with his clothes all muddy /messy and blood dripping from his face and hands. What a way to wake up!!
He had stepped [for some unknown reason] on one of those wet boards and fell. When we finally got him cleaned up we realized that the blood was mostly coming from a cut across the bridge of his nose made by the bridge of his glasses. He also had a small abrasion on his forehead and cuts on two fingers of his left hand and abraded and cut knuckles on the top of his right hand. Of course, since he takes blood thinner because of his mechanical heart valve, it took a little while to get everything to stop bleeding. At first he thought he would go on to work but then he realized that he felt a little too "shaky" and should just stay home for the day. Late in the afternoon we realized that his nose was a little swollen, but that was better by this morning. Things could have been much worse! When you take blood thinner you try to prevent falls, or any other kind of injury/trauma because you really could bleed to death, esp. from an internal injury that you don't realize you have! Thank you God for keeping him safe! I wish I could send a picture. I think he will probably have a couple of black eyes, too

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last weekend

Several have asked: "What did you do for the 4th?"
We were pretty 'laid back' this year. Our friends, where we have gone for the past few years, were not going to host anything this year. For one thing, the big tree that we always set the picnic up under blew over in a storm a month or so ago. It was blocking their driveway and all of their daycare parents had to carry their kids from half way down the drive and then back out of the drive so the next parent and kids could arrive. They had to get someone to come and cut it all up and clean up the mess. They said the daycare kids watched it all from their front door. Kept them 'busy' watching for quite a while.
Kevin and Cory invited us to celebrate the 4th with them at the house they are going to buy North of Sedalia. Danielle and Maggy and 'Kota& Dillon were there, too. Kevin fixed all of the meat and they provided the buns and chips etc. and Cory made a yummy dessert. Kristopher came in on Thursday night. I made baked beans, fruit salad, potato salad, and pasta salad to take. A woman and her 2 little boys from their church came and one of Cory's friends from work came later on.
We feasted on all the food, Kevin and Danielle did a little fishing, Dakota took turns with taking the 3 little kids out on the pond in the paddle boat. When it was dark enough the 3 D's and Kevin shot off all of the fireworks down by the barn. The neighbors were putting on a show with their fireworks,too. It got pretty chilly after the sun went down.
On saturday, Kirk and Stacy, Bostin and Emily came over from Eldon. We ate hamburgers and the salads left from the day before (I heated up the baked beans but forgot and left them in the microwave!) After lunch, Kirk suggested that we drive down toLincoln and then on to the cemetary where my folks are buried. We included a drive by of the farm,too. It was nice and peaceful in the cemetary and we spent quite a while there wandering around looking at all the really old tombstones,etc. Some are from the mid 1800's on up till present time. It is not a BIG one, but it is not far from where the folks lived during their retirement and Daddy liked the peacefulness of it.
On our way back home we stopped in Lincoln at Estes drive-in for tenderloin sandwiches and Ice cream! That is another family tradition--stopping at Estes! Kirk/Stacy and kids stayed for a little while after we got back to Smithton. Bostin showed us his "wiggle-tooth" (which he ended up pulling himself on Monday!) and Emily showed us how well she is walking, now. She was giving kisses out, right and left, too! Good "Family" times on both days

Monday, July 7, 2008

Is It, Really???

Okay, I feel like griping a little right here goes...
Have you noticed lately that some of the things "they" tell us are designed to make our life easier---don't?
I just spent about an hour on line trying to do what should have taken me about 15 minutes.
I ordered our medications for the next month (there weren't that many!). Time was when I would just call the local pharmacy and talk to a real person and re-order. Then they added "touch one" for this and "touch two" for that etc.,etc. and you were responding to a computerized voice. Now you can choose: Wait "in que" for them to even answer your call [with the electronic message] or, try visiting their site on line. Then you have to establish an 'account' for each person-- Which means a different sign in and password for each one! Then you get to order! Woe to you if you hit the wrong key! You might get an "invalid" message and have to start all over.
Okay, enough griping. I have to hurry and get ready for my haircut appointment, now.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Garden

Our garden is really looking good right now! Ron dodged all the rainstorms and got it tilled for me and I planted it all one afternoon. This was at the end of May. For a while, in June, it was looking pretty scruffy. There were lots of weeds, but I couldn't get in to weed because the ground was so wet and muddy. I reached in as far as I could and pulled weeds so , then, the garden looked a little strange with this cleared area about 2 foot into the garden around 3 sides (I couldn't weed the side next to the house because it was muddy!) We finally had enough break in the rainy weather for the garden to dry out enough to finish the weeding and Ron helped me with that. We have pepper plants and tomato plants because that is what we want the most! I had to thread the plants up through the tomato cages because they had grown so much before I was able to set the cages over them. I took pieces cut from an old white t-shirt to tie the plants up in the cages. I had 3 more plants than I had cages so I had to tie those plants up to stakes.
Ron checks the progress every day when he puts the dog out on his line. We knew that the plants were blooming but he came in last night and said "There are tiny baby peppers!" I decided to do some checking, too. When I came back in I told him that there were several tomatoes set on, too. Now we are dreaming about sliced tomato sandwiches, homemade salsa, stuffed peppers, and peppr hash... It won't be long!
It is raining again now. Shoot! I'll have to get out there and weed again before long!!