Sunday, July 27, 2008

Karl is 39!

Ron and I and Kristopher drove over to St. Louis yesterday to spend the day with Karl to celebrate his birthday--which is tomorrow--Monday the 28th. He is doing pretty well, there are a few rough spots, but he is learning how to handle them and go on to something better! It was great to go out to eat together and take him shopping!

When Karl was born, we were not so surprised to know that we had another little boy in our family. He was the fifth one! Even when he was tiny he seemed to know when it was time for Daddy to come home from work. He would start getting fussy and would not be content until Daddy came in the door and held him a few minutes. He had a great smile--more like a grin--that made everyone happy.

He always liked the music --on the stereo, at church, in the car,-- wherever we were. I remember one Sunday morning when he was 3 or 4 hearing him sing while sitting next to me in church and realizing that--he was singing a harmony part!
God bless you, Karl! I'm looking forward to this next year for you and all of the good things that are in store for you! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

I miss his voice. I miss all the boys and dad singing together. I think we should make a CD of the family singing many different songs next time we all get together and make copies for all of us so when we(I) get homesick I can listen to it.

Nana-Judy said...

Who has a cd recorder? I mean one you can record an 'original' recording. I know that several have the kind where you can make copies of something. I think it would be fun,too. I talked to Ryan and Pat one time about doing it, but we never got it done. Keith has expressed an interest in having a recording of everyone, too.