Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trip to Columbia

Ron and I went to Columbia on Thursday. He had an 11:00 appointment for a check-up with his heart doctor. We got in there about a 1/2 hour early, with our books to read while we waited for his appt. time. We didn't even get to open the books before they took him back to the exam room. Everything was "Fine. Good shape." with the heart exam; however since Ron had his shirt off for the exam the doctor noticed this row of what we thought were "itchy bug bites" across his left shoulder and one on his arm, too. He kept asking if the burned or were painful in any way. His concern was that they might be "Shingles" (part of the chicken pox/herpes virus family of ailments). If they were, he wanted Ron to get medication right away because they can be very painful. He suggested that he see our family doctor that day. When we told him that we would not be returning to Sedalia/Smithton until late evening he had his receptionist make an appointment with a dermatologist in Columbia for that day. Ron was a "work-in " so we expected to have a long wait at that office, but we were pleasantly surprised when they had him in the exam room pretty quickly. When this doctor and his assistant had examined the area and consulted their nerve chart (shingles follows a nerve path in the body) they determined that he very possibly did have Shingles! So he was given a prescription!
When we left that office we went to lunch and then to Sam's to look around for bargains and get some things we can't easily get in Sedalia. We had made arrangements with Kristopher to meet him after work and go to supper together. He suggested a new [to us] restaurant in the downtown area. It was really great! We were SO full! He went with us to Target for a little shopping and then we took him home and came home ourselves. It was good to get away and just do something different!
BTW when I got Ron's meds the next day...they are HUGE dark blue caplets! He's having fun trying to get those down!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Dad! When it rains it pours huh! I'm glad you got to go "out" together though even if it was a Dr. appt. I wish I could have gone with you to Cross Crumbia. I miss the mall there!! :O)