Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last weekend

Several have asked: "What did you do for the 4th?"
We were pretty 'laid back' this year. Our friends, where we have gone for the past few years, were not going to host anything this year. For one thing, the big tree that we always set the picnic up under blew over in a storm a month or so ago. It was blocking their driveway and all of their daycare parents had to carry their kids from half way down the drive and then back out of the drive so the next parent and kids could arrive. They had to get someone to come and cut it all up and clean up the mess. They said the daycare kids watched it all from their front door. Kept them 'busy' watching for quite a while.
Kevin and Cory invited us to celebrate the 4th with them at the house they are going to buy North of Sedalia. Danielle and Maggy and 'Kota& Dillon were there, too. Kevin fixed all of the meat and they provided the buns and chips etc. and Cory made a yummy dessert. Kristopher came in on Thursday night. I made baked beans, fruit salad, potato salad, and pasta salad to take. A woman and her 2 little boys from their church came and one of Cory's friends from work came later on.
We feasted on all the food, Kevin and Danielle did a little fishing, Dakota took turns with taking the 3 little kids out on the pond in the paddle boat. When it was dark enough the 3 D's and Kevin shot off all of the fireworks down by the barn. The neighbors were putting on a show with their fireworks,too. It got pretty chilly after the sun went down.
On saturday, Kirk and Stacy, Bostin and Emily came over from Eldon. We ate hamburgers and the salads left from the day before (I heated up the baked beans but forgot and left them in the microwave!) After lunch, Kirk suggested that we drive down toLincoln and then on to the cemetary where my folks are buried. We included a drive by of the farm,too. It was nice and peaceful in the cemetary and we spent quite a while there wandering around looking at all the really old tombstones,etc. Some are from the mid 1800's on up till present time. It is not a BIG one, but it is not far from where the folks lived during their retirement and Daddy liked the peacefulness of it.
On our way back home we stopped in Lincoln at Estes drive-in for tenderloin sandwiches and Ice cream! That is another family tradition--stopping at Estes! Kirk/Stacy and kids stayed for a little while after we got back to Smithton. Bostin showed us his "wiggle-tooth" (which he ended up pulling himself on Monday!) and Emily showed us how well she is walking, now. She was giving kisses out, right and left, too! Good "Family" times on both days

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish we could have been there!! I'm glad Bostin pulled his tooth when he was with his Daddy. That's a special thing for them. I didn't know Kevin and Cory were buying that house. Good for them. When are they buying it from her? Sounds like you had yet another busy weekend!