Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sneaky Emily

Kirk, Stacy, and Emily came over from Eldon today. They worshipped with us at church, and then we met back at the house for dinner. They brought food from a cookout the night before with friends, and we had some from a dinner we had been to late last week, so we put it together for a "buffet" of sorts!

Emily[14 1/2 months] is eating 'table food' now so she enjoyed ham, some baked macaroni and cheese,etc. When she is through eating she lets you know by handing her plate back to you. Stacy cleaned her up and set her down on the floor to play. She headed, eventually, for the fan we have sitting on the floor and Stacy told her "No!". She backed away but in a few minutes was back again, bound and determined that this time she was going to touch it. Very stubborn about it, too! Finally, Stacy was able to convince her to seek something else to play with.

Later in the day we were all in the living room and she kept trying to get a CD that was on a shelf under the TV. When she was told "No!", she would go on to something else for a while but in a few minutes would be back at it again. Finally, when we were all looking the other way, she walked over and picked that CD up and ran as fast as she could into the kitchen. She thought it was a great game she was playing with us! It was all four adults could do to keep our faces composed !

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Anonymous said...

Chris and Madison liked hearing this story. I need to get Stacy to send me some pictures of her. I haven't seen her in awhile. I bet she's a cutie. I'm sad I don't get to see her grow up. :O(