Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Wish I could post a picture!

Ron has a pretty old "work car" that now needs a few things done to it: like fixing the leaky radiator, and possibly a new battery!
He usually gets ready for work in the morning and comes in to kiss me good bye on his way out the door. [ Then I doze for a little while longer before I get up.] Since the radiator has been leaking, he has put water in it before he goes to work and then some more before he leaves for home. To turn the water on at home, he has to step into an unfinished flower bed [I won't go into how long it has been unfinished!]. There are a couple of landscape timbers laying in there that are eventually going to be used in finishing the project, and since the dewpoint was high, they were wet.
So, I am dozing in my recliner and I hear banging on the front door. I thought he must have started the car and remembered something he needed from the house. So I'm starting to get upand make my way to the stairs when I hear harder banging and "Hurry up!" When I get the door open I see Ron standing there with his clothes all muddy /messy and blood dripping from his face and hands. What a way to wake up!!
He had stepped [for some unknown reason] on one of those wet boards and fell. When we finally got him cleaned up we realized that the blood was mostly coming from a cut across the bridge of his nose made by the bridge of his glasses. He also had a small abrasion on his forehead and cuts on two fingers of his left hand and abraded and cut knuckles on the top of his right hand. Of course, since he takes blood thinner because of his mechanical heart valve, it took a little while to get everything to stop bleeding. At first he thought he would go on to work but then he realized that he felt a little too "shaky" and should just stay home for the day. Late in the afternoon we realized that his nose was a little swollen, but that was better by this morning. Things could have been much worse! When you take blood thinner you try to prevent falls, or any other kind of injury/trauma because you really could bleed to death, esp. from an internal injury that you don't realize you have! Thank you God for keeping him safe! I wish I could send a picture. I think he will probably have a couple of black eyes, too


Mandy said...

Oh dear that sounds awful! I am glad he got all doctored up and is doing better.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see him today. How are you feeling now daddy? I'm glad you called me mom because as you said...You guys would have been in major trouble for not letting us know. Thanks Kevin for sending me a picture!! :O) Love you daddy and I'm glad it wasn't worse!!

Abby said...

Ouch I say kiss it and make it better or rub some dirt in it and shake it off. Wait can you tell I've picked up the mommy terms?

Mandy said...

Hey Judy, I just thought of this, if you would like I could come over the next time I am mom's and help you or show you how to post pics. Just let me know!

Anonymous said...

Mom! I got the camera thing I was telling you about but they didn't have the one for your type of "chip"(I can't think of the correct word). Anyway it will work for mine, so I'm sending you the one we have been using and a cord to plug it into your computer. When you get it just let me know and I'll try to walk you through it. If I can't, Stacy said she would help or Mandy did too. Can't wait till I see pictures on your blog!!!