Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Garden

Our garden is really looking good right now! Ron dodged all the rainstorms and got it tilled for me and I planted it all one afternoon. This was at the end of May. For a while, in June, it was looking pretty scruffy. There were lots of weeds, but I couldn't get in to weed because the ground was so wet and muddy. I reached in as far as I could and pulled weeds so , then, the garden looked a little strange with this cleared area about 2 foot into the garden around 3 sides (I couldn't weed the side next to the house because it was muddy!) We finally had enough break in the rainy weather for the garden to dry out enough to finish the weeding and Ron helped me with that. We have pepper plants and tomato plants because that is what we want the most! I had to thread the plants up through the tomato cages because they had grown so much before I was able to set the cages over them. I took pieces cut from an old white t-shirt to tie the plants up in the cages. I had 3 more plants than I had cages so I had to tie those plants up to stakes.
Ron checks the progress every day when he puts the dog out on his line. We knew that the plants were blooming but he came in last night and said "There are tiny baby peppers!" I decided to do some checking, too. When I came back in I told him that there were several tomatoes set on, too. Now we are dreaming about sliced tomato sandwiches, homemade salsa, stuffed peppers, and peppr hash... It won't be long!
It is raining again now. Shoot! I'll have to get out there and weed again before long!!


Mandy said...

Oh Judy, how I can relate. I was just outside last night with Gary looking at our garden and our peppers have come as well as several tomato plants. I was so excited!!!

Karen said...

I wish you could send me some of those tomatoes! Oh! Tomatoe sandwiches sound so so good! Chris said he had stuffed peppers the other night and they were so yummy that he bought some peppers for home. He says we are going to try that meal out. The kids asked what does it taste like and Chris said kinda like meatloaf. Jacob groaned really really loud. He hates meatloaf!

Abby said...

I am having a new love for veggies with the diet or should I say life style change I have moved to. So I am loving the summer with all the fresh produce out there. YUM yum! Have you ever tried a canary melon? I saw one at the store today and was curious.