Monday, August 17, 2009


As of Friday August 7th, Ron is retired! We have now begun a new era in our lives.

The company had a nice retirement party for him that evening.  All the kids who could get here were there.  Keith came down for the evening-stayed all night with us- and went back to Nebraska after breakfast on Saturday. Kevin and Cory were there, and Kristopher, and Kirk and Stacy. Of course Karen was in Oregon and Karl had been here the weekend before from St.Louis.

It was a very 'casual' affair with a baseball theme.  We were asked to come dressed in baseball themed clothes, and their were bats and baseball balloons on the tables and other 'ball' decorations, too.  Even a poster each from the Royals and the Cardinals. There were pics of Ron-from his early years down through this past year- on display, too.

There were baskets of peanuts and Cracker Jacks on each table, and the food was hamburgers, hot dogs or 'brats', and nachos! For dessert they brought out frozen malts like you can get at the ballpark.Several people had little 'gifts' or momentoes to give to Ron, and he had a few to give out, too. A silly, fun time with all that. The main thing he was given that night was a matted and framed print of George Brett and the pine tar bat incident and it was signed by George Brett. It was a GREAT night and a good celebrationof 38 years with the company, and Ron had a great time!

On Sunday afternoon, Ron and I headed to Branson for a week of R&R.  Did a lot of resting and reading, saw one show, did a little shopping and ate at least one meal a day out somewhere! Came home this past Sunday with a stop in Springfield to see my nephew Raymond on the way.

Now I am wondering when it is really going to hit Ron that he is retired...and NOT just on an extended vacation!!

How SAD!

I have some other things I want to tell you about...but first...I HAVE to comment about a tragedy.  It is so hard to even think about it, but maybe we need to think about it  a little.

A young man is dead. His wife no longer has her beloved husband.  His two kids no longer have their Dad. His sister no longer has her twin.ETC. ETC.

The big question is WHY???

Part of the answer we will never know--maybe all of it.  There were some clues---there was some treatment, and medication---there was a lot of love---  but for some reason he wanted life to be over.

He couldn't think it all through...couldn't see how much hurt and distress he would cause. [I'm convinced that if he could have he would not have done what he did!]

It is hard for us to wrap our minds around that fact sometimes:--They really don't --even can't-- understand how much we love them and want good things for them.

Depression is so insidious.  It causes a glitch in the thinking of those who have it!

[ Those with Bi-polar syndrome are another group of people who can not always think things through.  That is why so many of them want to get off of their meds when they are 'doing better'. They think that they don't need them anymore...that they have been cured.  If I am totally honest I have to say here that even diabetics don't always think right about their disease either.  It is easy to go into denial and decide to ignore your food plan , your need for taking your meds on time and getting enough exercise, etc.]

There are no 'easy answers'. No 'miracle cures' for depression. Each person's story is different.  The only thing we CAN do is just keep trying! Keep loving!  Keep re-assuring!  Keep nagging [in a kind way] to take their meds, see their doctors.....!  The biggest thing, and probably the best, that we can do is PRAY!, both for them and WITH them.

God Bless!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Karl hits the BIG 40!

Karl had his birthday this past Tuesday.  It was one of those 'milestone' events we all face--the big 40!  I don't think it 'bothered' him as much as it would have a year or so ago.  He seemed to take it all in stride.

Danielle and I went to St.Louis to get him on Friday.  Today we all [the ones who live in this area] went to Truman Lake for a cookout and 'celebration' of his birthday. I found a few "Over the Hill" banners, etc. at the Dollar Store in Warsaw and Robbie and I taped them up around the shelter.  Karl had a little bit to say about that, but not so much.  I think He really kind of liked them!

Kevin brought pork steaks to grill[ I know that surprises some people--uh, not much, that is his favorite thing to grill!] Kirk and Stacy brought hotdogs and Ron and I brought hamburgers and hot dogs.  Kevin and Danielle made a fresh salsa [everything was from their garden] and Kevin fixed some guacamole, and sliced some tomatoes.  Kirk and Stacy  brought chips, too. And I made a pasta salad and some cole slaw. For once, Karl didn't get a lemon cake[there was a glitch about who was making it!?!?] but Kris and I stopped at Wal-mart and picked up and "excellent" chocolate birthday cake!  Kris also brought his famous Kristopher dip and the cream cheese, bacon and cheddar spread he makes for crackers that we all like, too.Val and Robbie brought several different kinds of cookies -homemade- that were great

Several people went down to the beach and played in the water for a while, but mostly we just sat around and visited together. and 'spent time' with each other.  Cory came down after she got off work and got to spend a couple of hours with us, too.  As we were leaving, the sun was beginning to set.  This giant orange and gold ball was reflecting on the water as it slowly sank behind one of the Ozark Hills. It was Beautiful!

Robbie came home with us and is spending the night.  Then he is going with us to take his Dad back to St.Louis tomorrow afternoon. Kristopher and I are making the trip this time.  After this coming Friday, Ron and I will be able to handle this part pf it,---but more about that LATER!