Thursday, January 29, 2009

I just HAVE to post this!

So, a few minutes ago I was sitting here reading my friends blogs, just minding my own business... All of a sudden I heard this big crash/bang noise in my kitchen. I was almost afraid to walk in there, but as I am heading down the hall, I hear Ron calling from downstairs "Judy? Did something fall? Are you okay?" By that time I have reached the kitchen door and am looking inside to see my cat, Babie, is after something along the base of the cabinet or under the stove. I tell Ron that I think the cat is after a mouse and then he [the cat] comes prancing out of the kitchen with a mouse tail dangling out of his mouth. About that time he drops the mouse, and then pounces on it again as it tries to run away. This happens several times and Ron [still downstairs!] suggests that maybe I can get him to take it outside. So I go to the backdoor and call him...but there is NO WAY that cat is taking the mouse outside!! When I come back into the living room I see that the mouse is very dead...but Babie still wants it to "play" so he bats it up and down the hall for a while. I decided to call Karen and tell her what was going on because of her recent blog about a mouse at their house; and while I am talking to her the mouse 'mysteriously' disappears. [I'm pretty sure Babie ate it!] BTW the noise I heard in the kitchen was the cat running into a little step stool and knocking it into the cabinet base. He also slid on a rug and ran into the stove while he was chasing the mouse down.
And, oh yeah... just went out to the car to get something Ron left out there. When I came back and went to hang up my coat in the closet... there was the dead mouse! I guess Babie batted it a little too hard and it went under the closet door. So glad I found it tonight. Ron would have really had a fit if he had seen it there in the morning!!! He can't stand mice!
HMMM! The reason for that would make a nice post for another time...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its the Middle of the Night...

...and you hear this bloodcurdling scream! Yikes! What is going on...?

I'm laughing now, because I just read Mandy's blog, but it isn't very funny at the moment it happens, is it?
A couple of times it was Karl screaming. Once, unbeknownst to me , he had gone to sleep with a root beer barrel candy in his mouth. The candy fell out of his mouth on to his pillow and as he rolled his head in his sleep it stuck to his ear. He came awake thinking he had a bug attached to his ear. More than that, he just knew it was a JuneBug, which he HATES to this day! Another time,again in his sleep, he was 'sleepriding his bicycle' in his bed. Literally in an upright position pedaling away. Of course he tripped over his covers and fell and hit his ear on the dresser that was by his bed. Try to figure THAT out when you've been awakened out of a sound sleep! Unfortunately, it meant a trip to the ER to stitch up his ear, too. BTW, the ER personnel really look at you funny when you are trying to explain how your child got an injury like that!
Once or twice it has been me that was screaming! Kristopher woke up with some kind of a problem one night that he thought he needed to bring to me. He didn't want to wake his Dad by calling for me from the hall/door so he very gently and softly came into my room and touched my soulder or face. I came just barely awake to see this person leaning over me and I let out a scream that scared Kristopher so bad he ran screaming down the hall away from our room. Ron jumped out of bed yelling "Whats going on? What's gong on? Judy, are you all right?Who else is screaming? Is somebody hurt? Somebody answer me!!" By this time all of the boys were up from downstairs and Kirk and Karen had come out of their rooms, too. It took a while to sort it all out, but by that time we ALL had a good laugh and with hugs all around went back to bed until morning. All of the kids learned that night that if they needed me they had better be sure I heard them coming to get me! [I've been laughing so hard while I write this that I have gone through 2 tissues just to wipe my tears!]
Thanks Mandy for causing me to remember a few funny episodes in our family history!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nanny, I'm so angry at you...

I kept Maggy today while Danielle worked. The gal that usually has her had some things to attend to today so I kept her. She is not really any trouble to keep, if you keep her interested in things to do: read books, play games, watch 'new' [to her, anyway] videos, etc. She likes routine, so she knows what to expect and when. So after lunch I told her that as soon as "Little Bill" was over it would be time to take her nap. She has a favorite "blankie" that she likes to sleep with and she took time to fold it just so and hand it to me before she went 'potty' before her nap. However, it came partially 'undone' when she handed it off to me. I took it and laid it on the bed just like it was. When she came in the room she said "Oh! Nanny! I feel very angry at you because you didn't keep my blanket all folded up!" I told her it was just like she gave it to me, but she gave a big [disgusted sounding] sigh and folded it up again and laid it on the bed in a very particular way. But that was all! Never another word about it. She snuggled down in the bed and within five minutes was fast asleep.
Don't you just wonder sometimes: How does a kid sift through all of the words and phrases they hear from us and come up with the most 'appropriate to the moment' things to say?!?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shopping Buddies

I haven't kept the car very much the past 2 or 3 weeks so I haven't been out there looking for bargains. :-(
But the past 2 days---I've made up for it---alittle bit, anyway!
I didn't know that ALL of the Goody's stores were closing! The last I heard it was just going to be SOME of them or at least that is the impression I had gotten. So I went to the Goody's in Clinton on Thursday with my friend Donna. Found a couple of tops, some slippers, a purse and a new 'cammy'. Thought I made out pretty well, too. One of the tops I have had my eye on since autumn, but I didn't ever try it on---just went back to check on it anytime I was in the store.
Donna and I have been spending a day together a week since the eary 1990's. We used to hit all the flea markets and bargain stores in a 50 mile =/- radius from Sedalia, and spend the whole day doing it! Can't do that so much anymore. Donna has MS and she wears out quickly so we usually go to lunch and then hit one or two stores and she is DONE! We have shared a lot of good times together and supported each other during some bad times. too. It is great to have a friend you can share with like that!
Today I went to lunch with another of my good friends, Earline. Then we went to K-mart for a while[didn't really find anything there--unusual!]. She went with me while I got a haircut [Finally!!!], and then we went to the Goody's in Sedalia. Today I found some clothes for grandson Joel's birthday, a pair of earrings, and some slacks to wear with the top I bought yesterday. I just love bargains! All of the kids clothes I saw today were 50% off the original price. So I was able to double the amount of clothes for the amount of money I intended to spend! YAY!
Earline is a relatively NEW friend, but we get along well together. She loves Hobby Lobby and other stores like that, and I have introduced her to some of my fave flea markets, too. She is a very GENEROUS person, always looking for a way to help somebody out! Her dog, Nuisance, and our dog,Buddie, are great friends and love to play together. She usually keeps Buddie for us when we are out of town---like Oregon, or somewhere. We spend a lot of time together SHARING--past and present-- good and bad--triumphs and tribulations. It is great to be blessed with TWO wonderful friends such as these two. And they are great bargain shoppers, too!

Friday, January 16, 2009

There is danger everywhere!

Try as they might, our government agencies cannot 'protect' us from everything!!!
Case in point: We got a phone call from Stacy wednesday night. They were at the hospital with Emily. She had stuck a rock up her nose at daycare...again!
They were unable to get it out in the ER that night and the ENT doctor had them come into his office the next day. He had tools there that were not available in the ER and he was able to get both rocks out of her nose right away. Yes, there were 2 of them! Emily had done this before late last summer when the kids were playing outside at day care. I asked how in the world she got hold of any rocks to do it again! It seems that the state mandate says that the daycare must use that small chat-like rock in any area outside that the kids may fall into. So there is an area that parents have to walk through to get inside, that is full of that rock. Some of it sticks to their shoes,etc. and is carried inside. Before the daycare personnel could clean up the area [lots of parents were coming in and out for their kids], Emily decided to put the rocks she found up her nose. How do you explain to an 18 mo. old that you just don't DO that?
I guess the state has to weigh all the possibilities and choose the one that has the least likelihood of happening against the one that may cause more trauma--or something like that. In this case, if there was a hard surface and a child fell, there might be a potential for a concussion. You can't use sand, or mulch, in these areas because they could harbor disease bacteria from animals that might go through the area. Hence, my statement: It is impossible for our government agencies to factor out all the danger we might face. We are the ones who must make up the difference, by being aware and vigilant. Then we must realize that no matter how hard we try........ we can't prevent everything, either!


I found the pictures! They were in a bag I had taken on our trip to St. Louis to see Karl. I just had to think of where I was, and when it was I had last seen them.

The CD was there, too, but when I tried to download...well, I must be missing a step somewhere. Karen has suggested that I get a notebook to keep by the computer and every time someone shows me how to do something I can write the steps down. The things I do 'often' I retain how to do them, it is the ones I do very seldom that I have trouble with doing again.

This makes me think: Do any of you have more than one address list that you use when you are sending out emails? I would like to have at least two, maybe three. I know a couple of my email friends have done that, but I am not sure how to go about it. I set up some files in my address book location, but I could not figure out how to shift the addresses into the different files. I have family addresses, friends, church related addresses, and several from people I went to school with,that I just use 2 or 3 times a year. It takes me a while sometimes to send out anything because I have to sift through all the addys!
Hopefully, I can get someone to help me get the pictures set up , and maybe even my address problem fixed before long. Otherwise, I'll just have to write about things...and no pictures :-(

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Still Here!

I just can't find where I put the pictures I just had developed! When I find them I will have the CD to download on the computer.[Sorry Karen, I can't seem to get the part you sent me to work successfully! It might have to do with all the other stuff that comes out of the computer now , since we changed from dialup!}

I cleaned up my scrapbook table last week when I got ready for Cabin Fever, and I know I didn't take those pics with me there. I just have to remember where I put them --"For Now"!
I guess that will be my project for today---finding the pictures. Oh, I should probably do the laundry too.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

We're finally finished...

...with Christmas! Everyone has their present . The box finally arrived at the Lamb householdthis week, and we got to go see Karl today. It has been a great Christmas season...but I am ready to move on to other things!
Ron mailed-or sent by UPS- the box to the Lamb's on the 19th of December. We expected them to have it -no later than- the 23rd. We didn't count on the giant snowstorm in the Northwest delaying it in Colorado for 2 or 3 days, then an additional day in Salt Lake before it got sent on to Oregon. By contrast, Ron sent Keith's family, in Nebraska, their box on the 22nd thinking it would get there by the 24th. Hello---they got theirs on the 23rd!

Our trip to see Karl was really great, today. Rob and Val had talked with us before Christmas about going, and we had set the day for today. Dillon asked if he could be included,too. We left our house around 8 o'clock this morning and picked Karl up a little before 11 o'clock. Not bad, considering we stopped for a McDonalds breakfast and a couple of potty breaks along the way. We went to a Pasta House for lunch, and they set us at a big round table in a corner with quite a bit of room around us. Our food was great and the service was really great, too. We gave Karl his packages from all of us and Rob had some packages,too. from family members who had not gotten to see him during the season. We were able to take some time visiting with each other and were not rushed at all. We went to a mall for some shopping and just being together. When we went back downtown toward Karl's apartment we decided to eat at TGI Friday's that is just a few blocks away. Then it was time for the BIG GOODBYE. Karl had not seen Rob since this past summer. It is hard to get together between school and Rob and Val living an hour and a half further from us now, too. We are all praying that Karl can come to Rob's graduation in May.
So now, since Christmas is officially over...I can finally say HAPPY NEW YEAR! to everyone. I hope 2009 is a great year for each and everyone of you! Many Blessings!