Friday, January 23, 2009

Shopping Buddies

I haven't kept the car very much the past 2 or 3 weeks so I haven't been out there looking for bargains. :-(
But the past 2 days---I've made up for it---alittle bit, anyway!
I didn't know that ALL of the Goody's stores were closing! The last I heard it was just going to be SOME of them or at least that is the impression I had gotten. So I went to the Goody's in Clinton on Thursday with my friend Donna. Found a couple of tops, some slippers, a purse and a new 'cammy'. Thought I made out pretty well, too. One of the tops I have had my eye on since autumn, but I didn't ever try it on---just went back to check on it anytime I was in the store.
Donna and I have been spending a day together a week since the eary 1990's. We used to hit all the flea markets and bargain stores in a 50 mile =/- radius from Sedalia, and spend the whole day doing it! Can't do that so much anymore. Donna has MS and she wears out quickly so we usually go to lunch and then hit one or two stores and she is DONE! We have shared a lot of good times together and supported each other during some bad times. too. It is great to have a friend you can share with like that!
Today I went to lunch with another of my good friends, Earline. Then we went to K-mart for a while[didn't really find anything there--unusual!]. She went with me while I got a haircut [Finally!!!], and then we went to the Goody's in Sedalia. Today I found some clothes for grandson Joel's birthday, a pair of earrings, and some slacks to wear with the top I bought yesterday. I just love bargains! All of the kids clothes I saw today were 50% off the original price. So I was able to double the amount of clothes for the amount of money I intended to spend! YAY!
Earline is a relatively NEW friend, but we get along well together. She loves Hobby Lobby and other stores like that, and I have introduced her to some of my fave flea markets, too. She is a very GENEROUS person, always looking for a way to help somebody out! Her dog, Nuisance, and our dog,Buddie, are great friends and love to play together. She usually keeps Buddie for us when we are out of town---like Oregon, or somewhere. We spend a lot of time together SHARING--past and present-- good and bad--triumphs and tribulations. It is great to be blessed with TWO wonderful friends such as these two. And they are great bargain shoppers, too!


Karen said...

I'm so glad you have someone to "play" with! Glad you got out and found some great deals too!

Abby said...

I miss having a shopping buddy!

I try to talk Karen into coming up here to shop with me. But she won't can you believe that?

Mandy said...

This was a sweet post...hearing about you and your friends.