Saturday, August 28, 2010

Their 25th anniversary!

I think this is a GREAT picture of Kevin and Cory!
Ron seems to be amused...probably at something Kevin was telling!
I think Ron took this picture of me that night.
Ron and I took Kevin and Cory to Independence last December to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Had a wonderful meal in an Italian style restaurant! Sorry, I can no longer remember the name---That happens when you wait too long to post these things. We thought about doing some 'shopping', but Cory was on crutches because she had injured her knee so we decided against it. We did drive through a couple of neighborhoods looking at the Christmas lights on our way back home. We had a really great time with lots of visiting and laughing!
[ I'm not sure why the picture of me loaded twice...but I could not seem to edit it out]

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can you belive it?

Just got my new Reader's Digest. An article in there is titled: How to SOUND Smarter. Covers a lot of the things [and more!] that I talked about in the last post.
There is a LOT of info in the article. Probably means I will have to read it several times for all of the information to even begin to soak into my brain!
I remember how my Mom was always LEARNING, up until shortly before she died at 97. She was a good example of how you can keep improving and growing as a person. One thing she never did learn: The difference between crotch and crouch when she was talking about pants. She ALWAYS said it CROUCH! Never could figure that one out. Love her and miss her, though.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tricky words and spelling!

I probably notice these things more than a lot of people do...! But I've been noticing that there are a lot of tricky words that people have trouble with, and sometimes we stumble over the spelling of words, too.
Here are some examples: loose or lose? That belt is too loose, you'll lose your pants!
to, too, or two? I'm going to the store for two loaves of bread, do you want to come too?
bring or take? Will you bring me that list off of the fridge? I need to take it to the store with me.
There, their, or they're? They left their book over there on the table. Wonder when they're coming back?

There are several others, but you get the idea. Sometimes we have known which word to use in the past, but after seeing/hearing the wrong words used we get confused and can't decide which one is right!
I have a dear sister who always adds an extra' m' to coming. Another word that I see confusion over a lot is : congratulations. I think someone spelled it--conGRADulations for a card and somehow people began to believe that is how you should spell it.

Do you notice things like this too? Do you want to "help people out" when you do? Or, are you able to resist that temptation to constantly correct them?
BTW: I had to correct my spelling several times as I was typing this up!...My fingers hit too many keys sometimes, or the wrong key. Does that ever happen to you?