Friday, August 6, 2010

Tricky words and spelling!

I probably notice these things more than a lot of people do...! But I've been noticing that there are a lot of tricky words that people have trouble with, and sometimes we stumble over the spelling of words, too.
Here are some examples: loose or lose? That belt is too loose, you'll lose your pants!
to, too, or two? I'm going to the store for two loaves of bread, do you want to come too?
bring or take? Will you bring me that list off of the fridge? I need to take it to the store with me.
There, their, or they're? They left their book over there on the table. Wonder when they're coming back?

There are several others, but you get the idea. Sometimes we have known which word to use in the past, but after seeing/hearing the wrong words used we get confused and can't decide which one is right!
I have a dear sister who always adds an extra' m' to coming. Another word that I see confusion over a lot is : congratulations. I think someone spelled it--conGRADulations for a card and somehow people began to believe that is how you should spell it.

Do you notice things like this too? Do you want to "help people out" when you do? Or, are you able to resist that temptation to constantly correct them?
BTW: I had to correct my spelling several times as I was typing this up!...My fingers hit too many keys sometimes, or the wrong key. Does that ever happen to you?


Jamie said...

That IS frustrating! Especially with spell check available! I also hate when young kids spell like they are texting! Does it really take that much longer to type the extra letter or two!

(I do know, however, someone who isn't a great speller and i love her anyway! I think you know who I'm talking about!) :)

Anonymous said...

It couldn't ever be me you're talking about Jamie!! I'm the worlds BESTEST speller! :O)

Mom this post cracks me up because I tend to correct things that people say as well. bring/take really bothers me! Mandy always says that it's an Anstine thing and we all do it. We must have gotten it from you! :O)

Anonymous said...

oh oh oh...should have went/should have gone REALLY REALLY bugs me!!! Just had to add that one. :O)

Nana-Judy said...

LOL I guess I got it from MY folks, too! Part of it comes from 'sight' reading instead of learning phonics, too. And, I must say, that some of the worst spellers I have known we're teachers!
Have to confess: A teacher sent a note home, with one of my kids, that was so full of spelling and grammar errors that I got a red pen and corrected it and sent it back with the answer/signature she was writing to me about. Don't think she appreciated it too much! [lol- I just learned that grammar is spelled with ar instead of er at the end!]

Mandy said...

I will just suggest NOT correcting people as it comes across rudely. I understand it is your pet peeve but if I corrected people on how they decided to dress (my pet peeve) would it go over well? Probably not.

Saying that, I don't take it personally when Karen "corrects" me or talks about a lisp she hears from one of my kids. Like she said I know it is an Anstine thing. :-)

Mandy said...

"rudely" or just "rude" ?? adverbs...who needs them.

It is a rhetorical question.

Nana-Judy said...

Mandy--I don't think it is JUST an Anstine thing! I have 'been corrected' by several people throughout my life. Sometimes they knew what they were talking about,,,sometimes "not so much". You just have to decide if you are going to let it 'bug' you when they do it!
Most of the time we tend to think of criticism as a negative. We 'wear our feelings on our sleeve' if someone says something we feel is negative. I wonder how we might react if we viewed criticism in a more positive aspect--both in giving it and receiving it? Could we learn to be a more positive influence in each others lives? Something to think about, anyway!

Mandy said...

Oh, I hope I did not offend when I said it was just an Anstine thing. I just noticed most of you guys do this and don't know very other people who do.

I too looked at my comment as being "helpful" or constructive criticism but I think I offended so I apologize.

Nana-Judy said...

No, I wasn't offended...not my intention to make you feel that way! Just trying to clarify some things and comment on the comments!

Ron/dad said...

Well, I know "I" was offended! Just kidding! "some of the worst spellers we're teachers"...???wha...