Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Emily at Two

Such a little giggle box!

Drinking from a regular glass, and not spilling
She thinks she is really playing this game. Loves to 'drive' that vehicle!
This was the night before Emily's 2nd birthday.
We met at Bobbio's in Tipton for pizza buffet. I felt privileged to have her sit on my lap, usually she goes to Papaw and not me so much. She is a loving little girl, very bright, and VERY BUSY!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dakota's Graduation

Dakota's graduation was on Saturday, May 16 2009. It was held on the fairgrounds, in the Matthewson Center. Here is a picture of Cory [R] and her friend Carrie waiting for the ceremonies to begin.
The next afternoon, there was a picnic at Bothwell State Park for family and friends to celebrate with Dakota.

Here is a pic of the banner Cory had made so friends and family would know this was the place for Dakota's Party. Cory's stepdad Jim, and family friend Earline [aka Mamaw] are included in the pic, too.
A shot of the cake, displayed with Dakota's senior pictures and his diploma.
Here he is opening presents. There are pics from his school days, and some of his awards displayed on the table. Cory found some 'music' decorations to hang from the rafters in the picnic shelter.

Reading through cards from friends and family.
The day was sunny, warm, and with just a slight breeze. So different from the day before at Rob's celebration.
These cousins were born just 24 days apart. Dakota's b-day is the 4th of April, and Rob's is the 28th. Proud of both of them!

Robbie's Graduation

Finally able [with my new computer] to get some pictures up! Here are some that were taken at Rob's graduation[Friday night May 15,2009] and party.

This one was taken at the school right after the graduation. The room is Valerie's classroom. She teaches FACS- Family and Consumer Science-[we used to call it Home Ec!]. From the left, it is Danielle, Valerie, Rob [all 6 foot 9 of him!] looking over his diploma and awards.

Here he is with Papaw Ron and Nana Judy.And here he is with Papa Jim and Nana Janet Clark [He always called her Nana Fay!]

The next day[Saturday, May 16], there was a picnic celebration at Valerie's house . It turned out to be windy, cool ,and damp. So most of us ate inside. We had a buffet of salads [Val made] and Subway sandwiches, and Cake, too, of course! This pic was taken at the side of the house--out of the wind!

This shot was taken in the kitchen before we ate. Some of Robbies friends are in this pic, but the guy on the extreme right is Dakota. His graduation was that evening in Sedalia.