Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Emily at Two

Such a little giggle box!

Drinking from a regular glass, and not spilling
She thinks she is really playing this game. Loves to 'drive' that vehicle!
This was the night before Emily's 2nd birthday.
We met at Bobbio's in Tipton for pizza buffet. I felt privileged to have her sit on my lap, usually she goes to Papaw and not me so much. She is a loving little girl, very bright, and VERY BUSY!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry mom but none of your pictures can top her telling me she loves me on facebook. :O) She's so stinking cute!!

Ron/Dad/Papaw said...

yeah, but it's really cool when we meet them and pull up and I hear her say "Papaaaawww!" and she comes running a hundred miles an hour and jumps into my arms...yeah, I don't like that much!