Monday, December 14, 2009

5th of July--Barbecue at Nana and Papaws

I'm SO behind on posting pics! Here are some from July 5th when Kirk and Stacy, Bostin and Emily came for a belated 4th of July celebration with us. [Kristopher was there all weekend!]
Stacy is helping Bostin choose what he wants on his plate. We had typical fare--hamburgers and hot dogs and all the other 'stuff' that goes with them!Emily has already cleaned up her plate and is waiting for MORE hot dogs. Bostin is peeking over the top of the chip bags that were on the table.Tried to get a good pic of Emily's hairdo. Stacy had frenchbraided a crown around her head. Surprisingly, Emily sits pretty still for Stacy to do this. She likes the result---no hair in her eyes, or down on her neck!
You can see in her 'part' that she was out in the sun and got a little pink!Pretty typical view of Kristopher and Ron! Buddie loves to be on someones lap, and if Kristopher is here---he is the lucky one to provide the lap! I don't think it bothers him much.If you click on this and make it bigger, you can see that Bostin is sitting on the couch watching TV. He also had a DS he was playing games on, too. No telling what pictures I'll find to post next. We'll just have to see!!!

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Karen said...

Love her hair. I wish I could braid! That's one thing Mad always wants her best friend Stace to do when we go home. :O)