Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grieving Over Things That YOU Can't Change...

If you have kids, you can probably relate to that title...maybe even if you don't have kids.

It just gets frustrating, sometimes, seeing your kids struggle with life issues and you can not FIX things for them.  If only they would learn to depend on HIS guidance and help!  Did they not notice the struggles their Dad and I  went through?  And how when we tried to "Do it ourselves" it was NEVER as good as when we relied on Him to provide for our needs.

When I look again at my title...I realize that I am still learning that lesson...AGAIN!   I cannot fix their needs, only God can!  But I can pray! Pray for the one who just lost his job, for the one whose children seem to be rejecting God and living  their lives for 'self', for the one who remains 'stuck' at his job instead of advancing, for the one who desperately needs to realize again that GOD LOVES HIM, for the one who is running away from what God has asked him to do/become, and the one who wants to serve the Lord but lets every excuse and reason take them 'off the path'.  I would LOVE to see my kids totally committed to God.  I MUST pray more for them!!!

Lord, help me 'get busy' with my prayer life!

I had a lot of other things to say when I started blogging today, but God has shown me during this process of putting words on the screen that He has things to say to me, and maybe through me.  Thank You, God!