Monday, September 13, 2010


These pictures loaded backwards to what I wanted them to load! So, start at the bottom and work UP to this one, please!
This last picture shows that they are almost through cutting up the tree. Afterwards they raked up a lot of the debris--wood chips and tiny broken branches, etc. While some were doing that, the owner brought out his stump grinder and set to work. The 2 stumps were ground into a pile of chips and sawdust. They went down several inches and ground up a lot of the roots, etc., too. It was really something to watch all of the process. We thought we would miss the tree, but really, we didn't miss it all that much. And we felt 'safer' because it was gone!
Now, they are getting down to the bigger parts of the tree. Some of the biggest pieces [and heaviest!] went onto a pickup one of the crew had there, but MOST of the wood went into the trailer.
Here is one of the crew loading up some of the 'brush'. When it looked to me that the trailer was getting pretty full, whoever was 'loading' would take a small chain saw down through the brush and cut it up some more. Then they would pile some more on ...and do the same thing again!
A lot of the leafy, smaller branches have already been cut up and loaded onto the trailer.hmmm! looks like we have the same picture--twice! GRRRRRRRRRR!

We had a big tree in our back yard last fall that needed to come down. It had several broken limbs and part of the trunk had been damaged. We had already asked this company to come and trim back some branches of our maple trees that were growing over the house. We liked how they worked [to please us!] and so we asked them to come back and take this tree down, too. To get to the tree we wanted down, they also had to take down a smaller tree that was right beside it. Here are both trees down and the crew is starting to cut them up into shorter logs for removal.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


We went to a couple of Bostin's games last year. Here he is after the game with his well-deserved drink! He did a pretty good job of HIKING the ball to the quarterback. He even ran the ball into the end zone once---but someone had captured his 'flag!

The next picture is of Emily in their garage at home. showing us how she could RIDE her bike.Bostin and Kirk after the game. It was a crisp, windy day. Thankfully the sun was shining!

Emily and her sunglasses. She was giving Stacy a hard time...trying to run out on the field. I think she finally got the idea that she would be in the way and MIGHT get run over!
I wonder if Bostin will play again this year? Emily goes to "Tumbling" class on Saturday mornings, now. Guess we will see how it all works out!