Thursday, September 2, 2010


We went to a couple of Bostin's games last year. Here he is after the game with his well-deserved drink! He did a pretty good job of HIKING the ball to the quarterback. He even ran the ball into the end zone once---but someone had captured his 'flag!

The next picture is of Emily in their garage at home. showing us how she could RIDE her bike.Bostin and Kirk after the game. It was a crisp, windy day. Thankfully the sun was shining!

Emily and her sunglasses. She was giving Stacy a hard time...trying to run out on the field. I think she finally got the idea that she would be in the way and MIGHT get run over!
I wonder if Bostin will play again this year? Emily goes to "Tumbling" class on Saturday mornings, now. Guess we will see how it all works out!

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