Thursday, June 24, 2010

Found these old pics of Ron...

...And thought I would share them! Of course they loaded backwards to what I wanted them to load! So we'll start with the school picture first:

Not sure how old he was in this picture, but I'm guessing around 9 or 10. Can remember some of the boys looking a little like this at this age. Kirk's boy, Bostin, reminds me of this look, too.

These next two pics were probably taken at the place in Leavenworth Kansas where they lived for several years. They moved back to Kansas City for Ron to go to Northeast high school like his sister and brother did. Funny thing about this fact...My Mom and sisters all graduated from that same school, too. But by the time I was ready for high school they had built Van Horn high school. Even though my parents had not moved I was in the Van Horn district.
New suit?? And are those his Gym shoes, shirt and shots??
This picture was taken when Ron played in his first recital. I think his Mom made his 'tuxedo'. She was good at doing things like that! I think he was 4 or 5 here. Standing on their back steps. Kinda interesting to see her shadow on the steps and ground in front of him.
Been wanting to put these up for some time. Tried once and couldn't get the pictures to load. Kinda figured out what I must be doing wrong, so this time I got them to appear!
Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. I have lots more pics like this.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lets try this, again!

I just spent the past 1/2 hour catching up on everyone's blog. So many of you post to facebook, too, that it seemed that was all everyone was doing for a while. You can say a lot more on a blog, sometimes, so I am glad to see so many new postings. Now I am the one who needs to get back into the habit!
It seems like we are always busy, but when I think back on it...I am not really sure what we were so busy DOING! Just living life I guess!
We have a nice garden out this year. Tomatoes, sweet peppers, and a few green beans. Ron has a little more time to devote to gardening, now, so he has been tilling and weeding etc. We may actually have a LOT less weeds and more produce in the garden this year.
We took advantage of a city wide garage sale in Eldon the last of April and, together with Kirk and Stacy, her mom Debbie, Kris and Karl and Cory, actually made a little money while we got rid of some of the clutter in our house. Trying to get ready, now, for a City-wide sale in Smithton the last Saturday of the month. Same cast of characters, except for Debbie, I think.
Have not heard a great deal from Keith, but know that they were busy with end-of school projects and competitions. Keith has had a job most of this year, but it may have 'run out' now. Need to call and ask him how things are going.
Kevin and Cory have put in a garden, too. I think last year was the first time they had tried it. They still are learning...but they are having fun doing it!
Kris and Karl are enjoying the fact that Karl was finally able to get a job! He is managing a doughnut shop. Not his first choice for a job, but at least he has one! Knowing Karl, he will learn some things from this job to take to the next one, and he will share some of the things he has learned in other places to make this job better than it was to begin with!!
Kirk and Stacy stay busy, too. They get to have Bostin fairly often, now, and enjoy having the two kids together as much as they can. Stacy has been back in school since last August and will be finished with this phase of her ongoing training by this August. She is learning more about giving radiation treatments, etc. for cancer patients. She loves learning and advancing in her career.
Big news! Chris and Karen and family will leave Oregon to move back to Missouri by the end of this month. Sears has advanced him into a new job and he can live anywhere as he will be traveling to train people for the job he has been doing [there is more, but I am not sure what all he does do!] They thought it was a great opportunity to move back to be closer to family.
I left the end of May with 2 of my sisters for a trip to Michigan to see another of our sisters. Had a good and restful time spent a little over a week there. Wish our other sis could have gone, too. Her husband is an invalid, though, and she can not leave but for a few hours. I am the youngest of 6 girls, and the one that was closest to me was 12 years older. [She died a year before Mama did.] So all of sisters were in their teens when I was born.[I was a surprise!] The oldest will be 85 in October, the next will be 84 in November, the next was 81 in May, and the one who could not go on this trip was 79 in March. We had a great time! but if we did something one day, we had to 'rest' the next day! LOL! Still, we got a lot of 'visiting', stitching,reading and resting done while we were doing it! Oh, forgot cooking in that list, too.
Well, we'll see how good I am going to be about keeping the blogging up. Hope to post some pictures, too!