Thursday, June 24, 2010

Found these old pics of Ron...

...And thought I would share them! Of course they loaded backwards to what I wanted them to load! So we'll start with the school picture first:

Not sure how old he was in this picture, but I'm guessing around 9 or 10. Can remember some of the boys looking a little like this at this age. Kirk's boy, Bostin, reminds me of this look, too.

These next two pics were probably taken at the place in Leavenworth Kansas where they lived for several years. They moved back to Kansas City for Ron to go to Northeast high school like his sister and brother did. Funny thing about this fact...My Mom and sisters all graduated from that same school, too. But by the time I was ready for high school they had built Van Horn high school. Even though my parents had not moved I was in the Van Horn district.
New suit?? And are those his Gym shoes, shirt and shots??
This picture was taken when Ron played in his first recital. I think his Mom made his 'tuxedo'. She was good at doing things like that! I think he was 4 or 5 here. Standing on their back steps. Kinda interesting to see her shadow on the steps and ground in front of him.
Been wanting to put these up for some time. Tried once and couldn't get the pictures to load. Kinda figured out what I must be doing wrong, so this time I got them to appear!
Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. I have lots more pics like this.


Anonymous said...

The last picture looks like Robbie! Daddy you were such a cutie! Jacob and I liked the tux. Thanks for sharing mom

Mandy said...

Have you written on the back of them with ink? If not do it now. I inherited several old pics and I have no clue who any of these people are which really is a shame.

Abby said...

Those are so cute! I just love the shadow of him momma in front of him!

Kris said...

A handsome man, even at an early age. I'd seen the first and third ones, but I don't think I'd ever seen the middle one before. Thanks for posting them, Mom!

Ron/dad said...

Who the heck is that guy with the big ears??? Thanks for posting these, Judy...didn't know they had cameras 'way back then!!!