Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update on the garden

There are LOTS of green tomatoes, but none are ripe yet :0( I think I can pick one of the peppers, though. Does anyone want to come weed???
Those 3 plants I had to tie up to stakes, are going to have to have a little more "tying-up" help, too. I forgot that they were the Roma tomato plants! They very definitely should have been in the cages!! They grow tall and have LOTS of fruit on them.
I'll try to get out EARLY Monday morning [while it is cooler] and do some hoeing and pull some weeds!
Looking forward to that first tomato sandwich!


Mandy said...

I am going to have to take pics of my garden because it sounds very similiar to yours! I have around 6-8 tomato plants and have picked 4 riped tomatoes so far. The kids get so excited when they see the cherry tomatos have turned red as they go pick them and chow down. So many of mine are green though and the weeds! I know it drives my mom crazy as I have seen her out there pulling them. Love ya mom!! My roma tomatoes are the ones that have ripened so far and cherry and that is it.

Anonymous said...

I want a mater sandwich!! I'll have to do some looking around here to see if I can find someone selling them.