Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is "Bugging" you???

Do you have little things that bug you? Even when you are having a wonderful conversation with your really good friends...and something happens -either something they say or do, or something about their 'person' [ie the way they're dressed or something on their clothes etc.], or something going on in the area you are in- that is just "NOT RIGHT"!! No matter how you try to ignore just want to "FIX IT"!

Sometimes I can sucessfully ignore it. Sometimes I can't. And that has cost me a time or two. For some reason, my attempts to "fix" my friend were something that "bugged" them. Most of the time, now, I manage to keep my mouth shut. I hope that means that since my age has advanced, I have also reached a measure of maturity, too. LOL!

Since I am the sixth daughter in my family, and the one next to me was 12 years older than can figure that my parents were older than most of the kids my age. They came from an age where achievement in school was revered and expected. You didn't 'pass' from one grade to another until you had earned that honor! On top of that, they were both "wordsmiths". They read a lot and used 'big' words, did the daily crossword in the paper, things like that. Maybe because of that environment, and those genes, I rarely had trouble with spelling and vocabulary in school. I could visualize the word [most of the time] and literally "see" how it was spelled. I didn't understand, for a long time, that other people could not DO that! I am NOT 100% right all of the time, though, I get 'hung-up' on some of the 'tricky' parts of spelling, too. Some things I have just had to practice till I got them right, or just use a 'trick' of my own to help me remember.

I've been observing some things for a while, in speech and spelling used today, that have "bugged" me enough that I have tried to figure out the "why" of it. I have decided that one reason kids have trouble spelling is they have heard a lot of "lazy speech" from us. We don't pronounce things very distinctly and when a kid tries to sound out a word they write down what they hear. For instance: How is a kid going to know the difference between their, there, and they're if they all sound the same? So they write "Their deciding whether to put their stuff in that closet, or over their , in that one." instead of "They're deciding whether to put their stuff in that closet, or over there, in that one." Some things you just have to learn: the difference between loose and lose for example. If I say: "I need to loose some weight." Do I have it tied up somewhere and I need to let it free? LOSE is the word to use here. There are many other examples, but now you know what has been "bugging" ME lately. Have I "bugged" you with this? Do you have something "bugging" you that you would like to post on your blog?
{Oops! there is another one : when to use your and you're!]
Thanks for listening to my fussing! I feel better now! Heehee


Mandy said...

I have found when reading peoples post and emails and when I see the errors it is because people are just typing away and not proofreading (me) and that we know the difference in the words but forget to go back and check, just push spell check and all the words are spelled write (LOL, right) just get too busy telling the story so no that does not bother me but I have plenty of my own pet peeves.

Karen said...

Well now!!! :O) I actually found this funny because I really didn't get ANY of your spelling talents! I think I must be the worlds worst speller! I agree with Mandy too that sometimes I just type away and then hit spell check. Mostly it bugs me when people SAY the word wrong not so much the spelling. I couldn't tell them if they spelled it right in the first place. :O)

Kristopher said...

This is definitely one of my pet peeves! (But I, like you, have learned to not correct people on it...) I think part of the reason you're such a good speller, Mom, is because of the amount of reading you've done. And Karen, that may be why you have "issues" with spelling - you didn't used to read so very much.

Mom, since you asked... the one thing that "bugs" me (but not really) is how much you "like" to "use" quotation "marks"! " >:) "