Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life just keeps on happening!

How can it be that so many weeks have passed since I last posted?? You get busy for a couple of weeks... then you 'put off' taking the time to write...then you get even more 'busy'...then you're 'out of the habit'! sigh! So much for 'good intentions'!
We are all well...except for our usual aches and pains. Ron did have arthroscopic surgery the middle of October to 'clean up' his right knee. Doctor said there was very little arthritis in the joint, but that he did have a tear and some rough places in the miniscus in his knee joint. He has made agood recovery.
Cory had her left knee replaced on the 13th of October [same doctor], and she is also doing very well. About a a week and a half after her surgery though, she landed in the hospital with severe pain in her belly. After some tests, it was determined that her gall bladder was the culprit and so she had that out. She is recovering nicely with that, too. She also hopes she does not have to have any further surgery for a LONG time! Ron and I spent some time helping out with Maggy during this time, too. We kept her overnite a few times and took her/ picked her up for school several days, too. She is really loving kindergarten.
Karen had her yearly tests and checkup with her family doctor and oncologist, too. She is thrilled to report that she is still cancer free! We celebrated her 2 year 'cancer free' anniversary with her at a local Mexican restaurant on November 7th. Her oncologist sent her to a genetic specialist in St.Louis for a test to see if she carried the 'cancer gene'. That test result came back in the week before Thanksgiving: she is NEGATIVE! And again we say, "Praise the Lord!"
We are thankful for all of God's blessings during this past year...I have named just a few of them... and now we are looking forward to the celebration of Christmas!

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