Saturday, August 18, 2012

Truman Lake with Kevin and Cory

After we met them at their campsite, we drove over to the dam to do some sight seeing.  Here, the guys are watching the BIG fish that live right below the dam.
Cory has a really nice camera that she bought while working for a professional photography firm, so she was trying to catch some good pictures of the fish and any other 'animals' or 'nature shots' she saw.

After some time spent at the visitor center/lookout above the dam we drove back to their camp for some rest time and a really great meal. It was a cool day, especially in the shade, and the camp was NOT full since it was early in the week.  We had a relaxing, enjoyable day!
Their screen tent over their table.
Kevin let me borrow his new chair that Cory had gotten him for Father's Day. It reclined a little or a lot, and I had a nice nap in it and rested my 'new knee' from all the walking activity at the dam.
Busy preparing dinner.
Kevin did the most of the cooking over the fire, and Cory prepared her part at the table, or in the trailer  It was VERY good!

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