Friday, June 27, 2008

Keith is 45!

My how time flies! It is hard for me to believe that it has been 45 years since I first held my first baby in my arms! He was so cute and tiny with long "white blonde" hair.
He is still good looking, but no one would consider him "tiny" now, and his hair is kept crew-cut short. He says he keeps it that way to 'discourage' all of the curls and because he has grown used to it this way after 20+ years in the Air Force. I also think it might have something to do with all of the gray that would show!
I talked with Keith tonight. Ron and I called him and sang "Happy Bithday" to him. He seemed to be tickled about that. He said life is 'busy' for him. They keep active in events at church, and doing 'family' stuff with their 2 young boys: Joel and Philip. Joel is playing baseball again this summer. I told Keith I would like to have a dollar for every ball game I had watched he and his brothers and sister AND Dad {and grandkids,too!] play over the years. I would have a "nice chunk of change"!


Anonymous said...

Yea You found it! This was a good post and I saw your profile too. You are a good writer. Maybe that is something you could do in your retirement.

Abby said...

Happy Birthday Keith! It is hard isn't it as our babies get older. I was just thinking this the other day about my not so tiny almost 16 year old son and his baby curls aaahhh the sweet memories!