Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We had a different ...

...kind of family celebration for Easter . It was more laid back and 'easy' for one thing. We had it in the evening instead of right after church because Ron and I had lunch with a former pastor and his wife.
Greg and Amy Crofford had emailed and asked if we could meet them for a meal on that day as they were going to be in town, and they had to be in KC that evening. They are getting ready to go back on the mision field in June and are traveling weekends to different churches for 'deputation' meetings.[They tell where they are going, and what they will be doing, and create an interest for the missions program.] It was really great to see them and visit with them. They will be living across the street from my nephew Don and his wife Evie who are also missionaries.

Easter was also Danielles bithday so we took time out to celebrate that, too--with[Danielle's request] cheesecake!
I had a spiral cut ham, and bought some rolls and rye bread to make sandwiches. Kris helped me make deviled eggs, and cut up veggies for a green salad. He made a fruit salad and a cheese spread for crackers, Kirk made baked beans and they brought a slaw, too. Cory made cheesy potaoes and provided the drinks, and the place to have our meal!
There were only 2 kids there--Emily and Maggy-- but I had fixed plastic eggs to hide. So, Cory took the girls into the other room while Kevin and Kirk hid the eggs in the living room. The girls had a great time finding them, and we had a ball watching them.
Danielle is raising some ducks, so she went out and brought one in for Emily to see. It was quacking and the girls were imitating it--so cute. Emily wanted to touch it, but everytime she got brave and reached out toward it-- it would quack again and scare her.Danielle had wrapped a big towel around it so she could 'contain' it on her lap. Ducks grow so fast! Just the week before they were still 'peeping' with an occasional quack out of one of them [kind of like when a boys voice changes!]and now they were all quacking! Everyone had a good time watching the duck and the girls interact.

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