Thursday, April 23, 2009

Most of it got sold!

Remember, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about cleaning out my kitchen cupboards? I also went through our closets and one corner of the basement. I thought that this corner was storing stuff for a garage sale. Well there was some of that stuff in there, but there were a few other things, too. Some of it went straight to the trash can, but some of it was : "So THAT is where this was hiding! I wondered what happened to it!" Sometimes Ron helps me and puts things where I would NOT put them!

I had a goal in mind: gathering stuff for a Rummage Sale.
Eldon [where K&S live] had their city-wide sales this past weekend and I knew that Stacy and her Mom and sisters were going to have one. K&S house is a great place to have one. They are in a good location, their driveway is fairly level, and their garage is pretty big.

I took a van load of stuff down on Wednesday night, including my 3 'racks' for hanging clothes, and my folding tables. We did a lot of 'organizing' and 'setting up' that night, too. On Thursday night I took another load down along with my suitcases to spend the night. Stacy's Mom came down after her evening at work,too. We were up early the next day and had the garage doors up to set things outside by 6:30. Our first customers came soon after. We kept 'organizing' and selling for a while and a lot of stuff was going almost as fast as we set it out! At one point in the morning-when we had already sold bunches of stuff- Stacy's mom looked at me and said "Not bad for 8:30 in the morning!" I looked at my watch and could not believe that it wasn't 10 o'clock or something! We had steady business all day and there were very few times that we didn't have at least one customer on site. By evening, Stacy and I began to work on getting everything that was left, organized so it would all fit into the garage the next day because the forecast was for rain. We didn't 'open' quite as early on Saturday, and it was misting and sprinkling when we did. Before long, though, the rain stopped but it remained cloudy for most of the day. As soon as the driveway was dry enough we set a few things out on it,too, to make a little more room in the garage. More people were having their sales on Saturday, because of working, and because of that, too, we still had LOTS of people coming through our sale.
Along about 2:30 in the afternoon we noticed that no one had come for 15 minutes or so and there was no more traffic out on the road so we began to pack up. Each of us kept a few things to try again in another sale,but the majority of our 'leftovers' went in to four big boxes to take to Salvation Army/Goodwill. We were all very pleased with what we made in the sale! And Kirk and Stacy also sold Kirk's old work truck. They were glad to get that off of their hands!
I went home with my van about 1/2 full, and that included my tables and racks. I am glad,too, that all of that stuff is not in the house any more. Now, I just have to keep going through stuff and get ready for another sale--either here, or at my friend's house in Sedalia--or maybe BOTH!


Anonymous said...

keep it up mom! I'm proud of you for getting rid of it. It's hard I know! Wanna come out and help me get ready for one? We want to get down to just a uhaul and no extra trailor!

Ron/Dad/Papaw said...

I was really proud too because usually after a garage sale we seem to come home with as much as we take! Anybody want to buy a house complete with a bunch of garage sale stuff and "early marriage" type furniture!