Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mama: Mary Kathryn [Bradley] Coen

She was born June 5 1905. The youngest child of 8 and her mother was 39 years old when she was born. She had one brother and six sisters. She had thick white-blonde hair and blue eyes, and was tall and lanky for a girl. She loved to run but was always getting into trouble for running with her head down, watching her feet instead of where she was going. She had a voracious appetite for reading and said in later years that she probably read things as a very young child that she was way to young to understand. At some point in her childhood, she began to play the violin and became a quite accomplished violinist. She, and a friend who played piano, held several recitals and were asked to play as entertainment for "teas" and other events before they had even graduated from high school. It was a rare treat, though, for me to ever hear her play.It was something she just 'gave up' due to the demands of raising her own family. She also played the piano [self-taught basically] and remained active in the music programs at the churches she attended--either singing in or directing various choirs.
There were 6 of us girls: Kathryn Dorreen, Evelyn Mae, Maryan Ray, Marjorie Adeline, Carolyn Ruth, and me-Judith Eileen. I heard her refer to us many times as "The three big kids, the two littl kids, and Judy." I really was a "surprise Baby", coming 12 years after the sister next to me. She spent a lot of time in bed before I was born threatening to miscarry. A lot of that time was spent praying that I would be the BOY she was hoping for! She actually cried when I was born, but quickly decided that "God know best". She was 39 when I was born. I ALWAYS knew that she loved me.
Another one of her talents was sewing. She made most all of my clothes growing up and even into high-school. The best thing she made for me was my wedding dress. It was beautiful!
But perhaps her best "talent" was praying! She spent a good deal of time praying everyday: for her family, for her friends, for her church, and for her country's leaders. She was blessed with the ability to truly listen when people went to her with their prayer requests. She also spent a lot of time reading her Bible and praying for God's wisdom. She always thought that there was something more she could learn about God and His desire for her life.
The last few years of her life she was basically confined to a wheel chair, because of severe arthritis in her feet and legs. But her mind remained active until just before the end. She loved board games, and Dominoes; a good joke, and a quick response.
She went to Heaven on April 15, 2002. I just wanted to remember her in a special way this Mother's Day.
God bless! A Happy Mother's Day to each Mother!


Mandy said...

It's good to get these stories down and pass them on. I do remember her and always loved her.

Bubbybird said...

Thanks Aunt Judy.......these are good memories and I appreciate you spreading the news!!
Love ya, Kathy

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! She was an awesome lady and I miss her lots! I'm so glad to remember some of the wonderful things about her. Thanks Mom! Loved it!

Ron said...

I'm a little behind on reading this, but I really liked it a lot...she was one of my favorite people; I loved so much joking with her because whatever you gave her you could expect to get it back and then some! She really was a sweetheart and so is her baby daughter! I love you babe!

Kris said...

Ok, I might make a couple mistakes typing, 'cause I can't see through this water in my eyes. (Must be allergies...) Thanks, Mom, for sharing this memory of Grandma. There were some things in here I never knew, a few I had forgotten. I really enjoyed the time she and I got to spend together, and am just sorry I didn't spend more time with her in the last few years. I love you, Momma, and hope you had a good Mother's Day.