Monday, May 18, 2009

Graduation Time!!

Two of our grandsons graduated from high school this past weekend.

Robert ["Rob", Karls's boy] graduated from Lakeland high school in Lowry City on Friday night in the school gym. There were 43 graduates in the class. This is the school where Valerie [Rob's Mom] teaches. It is in a rural area in the Southwest area of Missouri. Rob attended here his junior and senior years and seems to have made quite a few friends in that time. He has been accepted at the University of Central Missouri [Warrensburg] and expects to attend there this fall. On Saturday morning we drove back down to their house and went to his graduation celebration with family from his Mom's and Dad's side, and several friends. Karl was able to be here and be involved! It was great to be there and enjoy this time with Rob.

Dakota[Kevin's youngest!] graduated from Smith-Cotton high school in Sedalia on Saturday night. The graduation was held in the Mathewson building on the State Fair grounds [Has been for several years!]. There were probably 300 +/- graduates. Dakota has been accepted at Missouri Southern University in Joplin Missouri. [This is the same university that his brother Dillon has gone to for the past 2 years. Dillon will NOT be going back this next semester. He plans to work this summer and fall and hopefully go to a "tech" school at the first of the year.] Sunday afternoon we had a weiner roast and celebration for Dakota at Bothwell State Park north of Sedalia. The day was a little cool, but it was great to be with 'family' from both Kevin and Cory's family and several friends of Dakota's, too.

Now we have seen the first 4 of our grandkids graduate from high school. Thankfully, it will be about 4 years before the next one---Jacob!!
Naw, its too early to even THINK about that, yet!!!


Anonymous said...

Wish we could have been there for both of them. UGH!! I don't even want to think about Jacob gradutating. I'm having a hard enough time with him starting high school and Erika starting Kindergarten at the same time.

Mandy said...

Wow, very exciting times for your family. And they both are going to college that is wonderful!