Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emily at Two

Take the picture quick...before she decides to get down again.
"Mommy's drink..Nanny's drink..Emily's drink" She was really wound up and talking up a storm!

Big Girl drinking out of a glass with no lid! She usually does pretty well...if the glass isn't too full!

" I play game."

At least she thought she was playing it, and that is all that was necessary!

We have been trying to meet Kirk, Stacy, and Emily [and sometimes Bostin,too] once or twice a month for supper on a week night. One of the places we frequently go to is Bobbios Pizza in Tipton. It is close to 'halfway' between our two places which makes it convenient for either/all of us.[And they have a good pizza buffet, too!]

We met them on the 19th which was the day before Emily's 2nd birthday. Here are some of the pics we took that night.
Emily started yelling "Nanny! Papaw!" When they parked beside us. And then it was "Pizza! Pizza!" but she didn't really eat a lot. She has been eating quite a bit at noon at the daycare and then not eating so much for supper. I don't think she misses out much by the looks of her. She is really 'busy' all of the time! She sings several songs, including the ABC song, and knows several 'finger plays', is doing pretty well on 'potty traing', too. Daddy and Mommy are really enjoying her! And so are we!

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Anonymous said...

I wish we could be near her to see what all she does. She's a cutie!