Monday, October 12, 2009

Have you done this???

Today was the day...I have done MY part...Have you???

I went today and had my mammogram. No...It is not the most pleasant of experiences...but all of us gals need to do it---for ourselves, and the ones who love us!

Come on and get that appointment if you haven't done it already.

AGE doesn't matter. My daughter was 32 last year when they found her cancer. My sister was 80 this year when they found hers. My daughter recently had her year follow-up check up and mammogram--everything is great! My sister is taking radiation treatments [she may even be through with them by now].

They would be the first in line to tell you...get your mammo!! They are sure glad THEY did!!!


Anonymous said...

YES I AM!!! Feel your boobies ladies!

Kris said...

Good job, Momma! I'm proud of you!