Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jacob at Two! [or was it One?]

Loving on TJ Cinnamon . Not so sure TJ appreciated it! Hershey Bar got in the pic, too.

Not sure what this was all about. maybe he was doing some kind of 'trick' ??? Uncle Kirk was looking on. Swinging with Mom in Nana and Papaws back yard.

Waiting for Uncle Kirk to graduate from SFCC. I found these pics the other day, and since Karen just finished blogging about Jacob's first high school dance, I thought I would share what he looked like as a toddler. See, he had lots of curls even then!! Love you Jake!!!


Anonymous said...

He was stinkin cute wasn't he! I think that's Kris though not Kirk. I could be wrong.

Nana-Judy said...

Nope, I checked it against other pitures that were taken that night, and it was Kirk!

Mandy said...

Yes, he was super cute. Not quite ready for him to grow up and start dating. And he's not even mine! Aaahhh!