Tuesday, April 19, 2011

About time...

for Easter 2010! In fact, it is 5 days from now! We still have not 'made plans' for a family dinner and egg hunt. I had better get something done about it today!
I have been waiting for God to open 'communication' between me and some one again [see a previous post]. I t has been hard...but I have felt 'comfortable' for the most part. Not in a rush to push into anything. The reward came when I was approached for a 'hug', and a sincere look into my eyes and the words "I love You!" coming from both of us. There is still work to be done, but God is THE HEALER! Thank You, Lord! Amen

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Nana-Judy said...

This blog was about Easter 2011! Guess I put 2010 since I had, finally, posted the pics from 2010 in the previous post. Oh, my!