Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Wait...this is Good Friday...we should probably dis cuss what that means, first!

Erika said to me,"Why do they call it Good Friday! It was a BAD day 'cause Jesus died because of those mean people."
"Yes," I told her," but that is why it is GOOD Friday. Because Jesus died for our sins on that day. And, THAT is why it is Good. He died to take our place in punishment. Because He died we don't have to take the punishment for the BAD in our lives."
"Oh, so BAD was Good", she said, because it was a good thing for us!"

[I hope she gets it as well as I think she got it at that time!]

"Besides," I told her, "Jesus arose again in three days. That showed he had victory over death, and that is why we celebrate Easter."

So, let me say it once again... Happy Easter, everyone!

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