Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank You , God!

Missouri has had some trying days this week with weather! Thank you, Lord for keeping our family safe.
Last Sunday was our oldest grandson's wedding. It was a simple, but beautiful, wedding. Dillon and Melissa chose some really cool music. Nothing at all" traditional"! They are Beatles fans, so there was some of that [the parents and grandparents went down the aisle to "When I'm 64!"] and some other groups that I should remember the name but I can't. Mostly I liked it because it was SO THEM!
Good friends from Webb City, Missouri came to help with the wedding. Daryl officiated as minister, and his wife Karrie was the wedding co-ordinator. They were on their way home Sunday evening and learned that the Tornado had struck Joplin. Webb City is just North of Joplin. It took them a couple of hours to go the distance it usually takes 8 to 10 minutes to cover because they had to go back roads around road blocks, etc. to reach their home. They had no damage there, but Karrie works for the hospital that was NOT hit in the tornado, and I am sure she has had a busy week! Their son did not come to Sedalia with them, but he was safe, too.
On Tuesday we went to hear Erika sing in her talent show at Heber Hunt. She was beautiful and sang so sweetly!
Wednesday morning we were taking our time with breakfast, and thinking about what we might do for the day when Karen called to say that there was a tornado warning out for Sedalia and Pettis County. We decided that it would probably be prudent to get dressed and head for the basement. We changed the TV to a local station, grabbed the radio and our flashlights, and some batteries for back up, and our books :) as we headed down the stairs. Ended up spending the rest of the morning and almost all of the afternoon down there.
When the tornado hit the South edge of Sedalia, it was VERY close to the new high school. [Jacob , Karen's son, was at the high school.] Then it tore a path through a couple of trailer parks and a sub-division before lifting about a half block from the middle school.[ Madison, Karen's oldest daughter, was at the middle school.] If it had remained on that course, it is very likely that it would have hit the hospital area, too. It did come down Northeast of the Beaman community in Northeast Pettis county and tore up trees and out buildings.
There were no deaths, and only about 15, or so, people injured--with minor injuries. There is several million dollars of damage left behind, but everyone is SO thankful that there were no deaths or major injuries!
Just want to say, once again," Thank You, God!"

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