Saturday, April 14, 2012

Time Marches on....

My goodness, I did not realize how LONG it had been since I last posted!

There have been some significant 'happenings' in our family in this past year.

In September, Melissa and Dillon became the parents of a baby girl -Scarlett Marie. She has beautiful dark brown eyes and LOTS of black hair. She is a very pleasant, happy baby!

Dakota--Kevin and Cory's youngest son-- was married in November, on 11/11/11 to be exact!. He married Kasey, a girl he dated off and on since they were in high school together. They chose to have a small 'family' wedding out by the pond at Kevin and Cory's house, followed by "Brunch" with those present. Early in December they had a reception at Kevin and Cory's with friends and other relatives attending.

We had a different sort of Thanksgiving with our kids this year, too. Kris and Karl had given 'gift certificates' to all of us on Christmas 2010 to the restaurant Karl works at hoping we could all have a special evening together. As November rolled around, we realized that we still had not been able to plan that time together. A suggestion was made that we could do that a little before Thanksgiving and then everyone could spend all of Thanksgiving day with their 'other' side of the family. We were able to work it all out and had a WONDERFUL time together! Karl works at an UPSCALE restaurant in Columbia---a very FINE dining establishment. Great food!

We had Christmas afternoon and evening at Karen and Chris house. It was a little crowded, but we had a great time together! It is always fun to see the little ones playing together, and the big guys had a good time 'playing' and singing together on the 'rock band' game they played on the TV. Our traditional Christmas meal is very 'non-traditional' to most people, but it is one we like. Everyone brings a part of it and we put it all out--meats, cheeses, crackers and chips, several kinds of dip, a 'relish' plate, and a veggie plate, etc , and any cookies/candy you want to contribute. People 'go back' any time, for more, as they want to go.

In late January, Dakota and Kasey became the parents of Mila Ann [say Me lah]- a beautiful blonde baby girl.
She has quite a bit of hair, too, but it was so blonde at first that it was hard to tell how much she had unless you were holding her. She is growing and meeting all of her 'milestones'---cooing and oohing-- and happy! So now, Kevin and Cory have 3 grand daughters, and we have 3 great grand daughters!

But I am not finished with the Birth Announcements. On February 27th, Kirk and Stacy became the parents of Charleigh Reese. She was born on her big brother- Bostin's- 10th birthday. He got to choose her middle name from a list of names they were considering. Emily- the big sister- will be 5 in May. Charleigh [say Char lee] has a lot of dark brown hair, but it seems to be getting lighter. She is a very pleasant, happy baby too. Already making 'O's with her mouth and smiling!

So, now we have 12 grandchildren! And, we don't expect there to be any more. Now we will just wait for more GREAT grands! --- but not for a while!! LOL


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Mandy said...

Nice update! I miss reading blog post...thanks for sharing what your family has been up to. Lot's of new baby's! Very exciting.

Mandy said...


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