Monday, December 8, 2008

An evening in Branson

Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers
Bill Medley with his son and daughter

Paul Revere and the Raiders. Bill Medleys son also sang with the Raiders. Paul called him Baby Raider! He is such a clown!

Me, on the left, and my friend Earline at Dick Clark's Restaurant.

Our two friends Melissa and Pansy sat across the booth from us.
Back in April, three friends and I went to Branson for the weekend. Three of us have gone there nearly every year for several years: Pansy, and Melissa, and I. This year we invited Earline to go with us. Other years we have had one or two others along, but some have moved away . Each time we go we try to see at least one show. Pansy loves anything to do with the '50s, so this year we went to Dick Clarks restaurant and show. There are several 'acts' that appear on a rotating schedule. We just happened to get to see "Paul Revere and the Raiders" and "Bill Medley from the Righteous Brothers". I must confess--I was pleasantly surprised by the show! Very entertaining and lots of 'oldies' that I knew!! Our meal was terrific, too. And I am looking forward to Spring and our next trip to Branson!!
We always have a great time together, shopping and visiting and taking in a show or two. We all scrap book, so sometimes we spend a good part of the time doing that together--all spread out in the condo--yakking and working away. Ahhh! I can hardly wait!!

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I'm so glad you have great friends to play with!