Monday, December 22, 2008

Ron's Christmas Pageant

I don't remember a time when Ron ever participated, in costume, in the Christmas pageant. He ALWAYS helped with the music, usually playing the piano, and everything he did was "off stage".
The director asked him to be one of The Kings this year and he agreed. You might notice that there are 5 of them---I'm not sure why-- but I do know that they all had a great time! Here they are singing "We Three Kings"--in a style and manner you have never seen or heard it done before!
Here is a close up shot after the program. Notice the big turban with "jewels"? You should have seen it bobbing and bouncing on his head while he played the piano for the congregational singing.

A shot of the whole cast. This was done in our fellowship hall/gymnasium because it had a BIG stage. The one in the sanctuary is very small.

"We... We... We...We... We Three Kings...! " [They finally found their note!]
They were hilarious and "stole the show" ! Everyone was laughing and clapping!
I hope it doesn't go to their heads!!! "Ooooooohhhhhhh !!! Star of Wonder..." Crazy Guys!


Karen said...

How fun! I'm glad he was able to participate. I bet you were laughing while he was playing though weren't you?!?

Ron/dad/papaw said...

It really was fun...the chorus was to a different beat; 'course I've always danced to a different beat, right? The director and a couple of the other ladies made all of the costumes!