Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lazy Day and a Pot of Chili

Today was one of those days where you don't get a whole lot accomplished but you don't really care!! Sometimes you need one of those kinds of days to just catch-up with yourself!

My BIG accomplishment for the day was going throught the mound of mail and other stuff that has been collecting since I went to Oregon. I found a couple of cards that no one had thought to tell me were in the pile!; but mostly had a BIG pile of trash to throw away. I'm really glad that chore is not hanging over my head anymore.

Ron's BIG accomplishment was to make a pot of chili [and watch college football games!]. When Ron makes chili he uses my big canning pot and makes a big batch! We had a bowl for supper and I'm sure there will be plenty to share and some to put in the freezer, too.
HMMMMM! wonder who will get some of this batch??


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it won't be us! :O(

Discursivelyhappy said...

Hey Judy,

I tried emailing you the other day and it came back to me. Just letting you know, I am glad you had fun at mom's shindig at the house. I really enjoyed myself too! :-) It was fun hanging out with you ladies and I hope I can join you again! Thanks for the apron email, it made me laugh!