Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Homecoming!

Karen came home from the hospital today. She is feeling pretty well. Just very sore, and her energy level is not very high.That is okay! She needs to do a lot of resting! Chris will be home this weekend and only has one short trip to make next week. I think the kids and Chubs were glad to have Mom at home again.
The other homecoming we had in the family today was Karl. He got to have a weekend pass to come home. It is the first time he has been here since early 2003. Kevin was able to go to St.Louis and get him today, and Ron and Kris and I will take him back on Sunday afternoon. Val and Rob were here when they got here, and Cory and Maggy; and our friend Earline[better known as Mamaw] came in with Kevin and Karl. Kris got in a little later from Columbia.
I fixed lasagna and a salad for supper. Tomorrow everyone plans to be here for breakfast of Dad's biscuits and gravy. Kirk and Stacy and kids are planning to be here, too. Tomorrow night we are going to barbecue at Kevin and Cory's in honor of Kevin's birthday on Sunday. Karl is really looking forward to that! He had asked if we could barbecue, weather permitting, of course.
It was so good to visit together in a relaxed atmosphere. Watching Karl and Rob interact was fun, too. Rob is past 6foot 9 inches, almost 6 ft. 10 in. Karl is the tallest of the boys, but at 6 ft. 4 in. he has to really look up to his son!
Val and I had a talk about how hard it is to find clothes and shoes for Rob. A lot of the "big and tall" stores tend to think that you are either big or tall. So it is hard to find a 3X tall shirt or a 50 x 36 pair of pants!
Karl just sits and watches him and just shakes his head sometimes.

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MaryC's Place said...

That sounds so wonderful. So glad that this time has come to have such a reunion. I pray that this time will be a time of healing for all.
Love ya'll. Mary Catherine