Monday, March 30, 2009

They'll never believe it!

I spent the day doing something that most of my kids will have a hard time believing I actually did.
I cleaned out some of the kitchen cupboards and actually got rid of a lot of 'stuff' that was in them.
It is amazing the things you collect sometimes! I found a lot of things that I used to use often that I have not used in several years. Times change, your activities change, and you just no longer need to keep all of that stuff on hand. Hopefully it will all sell in a rummage sale before long, but what doesn't sell is going to be given away! I don't want it back in my cabinets, again.
I have also started to go through our clothes. "They" keep saying :"For every NEW thing you bring in, you should get rid ofsomething OLD." Well, it is obvious that I have NOT been doing that [and neither has Ron!]I can scarcely get things into the closets again on laundry day. It is time for the 'seasonal change' of clothes to begin so now is a good time to sort it all out. We keep our 'off season' clothes downstairs so I started by going through all of that first. Now I have to start on the upstairs! There are clothes that I no longer need since I 'retired' last year from Housecleaning. I have already dumped some of them but I realized that there are still a few things to get rid of, too. That will soon be the case for Ron, too, as he plans to retire around August 7th. He wears a different type of clothes now then he did just a few years ago [more casual] so he has quite a few things to go through. I can't wait to see what we find to get rid of. Hopefully we can reduce it by half, or at least a third!


Karen said...

Mom I am so proud of you!! It's know how hard it is for you to get rid of things and I'm so glad that you are able to do it now. Way to go and believe me you will feel so much better when it's out of your sight! Love you and wish I could be there to give you a hand. You know how much I love to sort! :O)

Kris said...

Hooray! I'm so proud of you! Do you need me to come help pack up the boxes and whatnot?

And just think - this is all good training for when you tackle ....

Dad said...

She's sticking her tongue out at you, Kristopher!!! LOL What's that about the pot and the kettle?

Love you,