Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're Back!

Ron and I had a week in Branson last week. It was a week of relaxation and rest, basically. We took books to read with us, and a few other things like: DVDs and CDs; but we didn't take an AGENDA with us! I did take my scrapbooking items with me [including my new Cricut!] and got several pages done on the album I'm working on. I told Ron it was a pleasure to be able to spread it all out, be able to leave it that way, and come back to finish a page or go on to the next one with out putting it all away in between. I have a designated area at home, but it is NOT big enough! I have a table in the computer room/office, but there is a real minimum of space there.

We took food with us [we have time in a condo] and ate all of our breakfasts [most of the time it was brunch!]there. For all of our other meals we basically ate out. Went to Golden Corral, Joe's Crab Shack,Montana Mike's, and Jack's Plaza View. The last is our favorite because he does such wonderful Prime Rib dinners. We used to go to a little restaurant called PZZAZ! that he owned, then we went one time and the restaurant had been sold and something else was in there. We were so sad! Last time we were in Branson , Ron asked somebody where we could get a good prime rib dinner. They began to tell him...and as they described the food and the kind of service...we wondered. So we went to try it out and sure enough..it was 'our friend' from Pzazz! He has the restaurant on the 9th floor of the Grand Plaza hotel. On the way to Branson, we stopped at...You guessed it...Lambert's! That is almost a RULE! When we left Friday morning we stopped at the Grand Buffet for brunch. That is another almost rule...that you eat there at some point during your stay. But I'll have to say that our favorite breakfast buffet is the one at Docker's restaurant. They were not open for the season, yet, though. There were quite a few places that were not open yet although most of them were to open this past weekend or this next one.
We did see two shows during the week, plus a little get together at the condo complex. On Monday night, they had snacks at the complex and two groups of entertainers showed up to give us a 'taste' of their show. They were both entertaining and we went to one of the shows later in the week. It was billed as a variety show with a magician/illusionist [he was the one who came on Monday] and a ventriloqist as the 'lead' entertainment. They were both very good at their craft, but the ventrloquist had a lot of basically corny jokes to go along with his 'schtick' and it just got boring when he was on. and it was too bad because he had a lot of talent when he was just being a ventriloquist. The magician/illusionist and his wife were really great! I don't know how they did some of their acts but they were well timed and surprising.
The best show we saw, by far, was the one called SIX. This was six brothers who did their whole show a cappella..there was no band or tape... but they sounded as if there was one! They each had a very good voice [with a great range] and they all did things with their mouths that provided the drum/percussion, and other accompaniment sounds. They did a variety of songs from different eras and were constantly moving in their choreography routines. They had the audience rally WITH them the whole time. I would definitely go see them again!
And of course there is shopping to do, too. We went to all three outlet malls and to Branson Landing, too. Got a few bargains, and a lot of 'looking' done.
After a week of sleeping late and being basically lazy it was a little hard to get back into our routine this week!


Ron/dad/papaw said...

I'm not sure which of these posts to put my comment on, but...
We did have a great time, but I'm still stuffed from all the good food we ate; we're gonna have to make an adjustment on the restaurants!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time! Wish I could go too! :O)