Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crater Lake, first attempt

Hmmmmmmmm! I thought I might have fixed the picture download problem, but this is messed up, too! This should be the first pic and the last one is the last; but the ones in between are in reverse order. Oh well! We'll just work with it!

1. After Jake's game we headed toward Crater Lake {we were almost halfway there]. After we were in the park we began to see vehicles coming toward us with snow on them. Pretty soon we could see it on the ground, like in this pic I took from the car. [Now scroll down to the next to last pic.]

4. Ron was ready to get back into the warm car, but he let me take this shot of him with the center in the background. Now scroll all the way down to the last pic in this post.]

3. After we had spent some time in the center/gift shop, we walked out to where you are supposed to be able to see the lake. Ordinarily you would be able to see it just to the left of Jacob in this pic. NAW! the cloud had settled right down on the lake and you could not see anything! ! One young man that came in the gift shop while we were there said he was from New York and had made a special trip out of his way to see the lake because he had wanted to see it since he was about 10 and read about it. He was about to cry. I had been there in my mid-teens, but Ron had never been and I so very much wanted him to see it with me. [scroll up to next pic]

2. Here is what we saw from the parking lot at the visitor center. Chris is heading inside to wait for the rest of us. [scroll up one pic]

5. In the short time we were in the visitor center, they closed off this road that goes around the lake. Someday, maybe we can go back and take that tour! We would not have had time this day, even if it had not snowed. The lady in the center said that they don't usually get snow until just before Thanksgiving. By the time we got halfway down the mountain, the snow had changed back to misting rain.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think in that one picture the lake is to Jacob's, it sure seemed cold!
You got some good pictures, tho'; I don't know how you kept from shaking...I know I was!


Discursivelyhappy said...

Loved the pics. I was just laughing as I don't know if I have ever seen Ron without a smile, and there he is looking quite uncomfortable in those pics!

MaryC's Place said...

I can remember when I was a child when we went to Crater Lake. The lake was soooooooo blue and seemed crystal clear to me. I am enjoying the 'return' trip.

Nana-Judy said...

Okay Smarty Ron. I meant to the left of Jacob as you face him. I guess that would be YOUR left! and Jacob's right. Picky picky!!