Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stopping in the Redwoods

To get to the coast from where the kids live, you have to drive down into Northern California. I have been to the Redwoods several times in my life [my sister lives in California], but not in this particular area. It was great to see them again, this time with my husband and part [at least]of my kids!
There was a stream near to where we parked, and Karen and the kids walked down to see it and chunk rocks into it.

There is a one way drive through parts of this park. It makes several 'loops' through different areas. There were camping spots along the way,too. OH, I think that would be so awesome!

For some reason, this pic didn't 'turn' upright like it was supposed to. This is the top of a tree-maybe the same tree in previous picture.

Here is Ron standing at the base of one tree. It is so hard to really explain their size. You just have to be there and see for yourself!

You can just barely see Ron here. The smell in a Redwood forest is different than any other forest,too. And I love how the sunshine filters down through the trees... God has made some wonderfully beautiful things for us to enjoy!!!


Discursivelyhappy said...

You got some really great pics on this vacation!

Karen said...

Oh how I wish the kids and I would have stayed up and taken pictures around the trees. We just ran out of time. :O(

Abby said...

Judy I apologize about those penguin dishes. I swear those were on sale when I posted them. They must have just taken them off sale as I listed them. Uggh that is annoying! They were so cute too!