Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weather, and Jacobs game

For some reason, the pics are not loading in the order I put them to upload. So, scroll down to the bottom pic and we will work from bottom to top!

In the foreground you can see Jacob[big blonde hair] and his team beginning their warm-up routine before the game. At this point we were bundled up and sitting on the hillside above the field ready to watch. Scroll up to the next 2 pics and you can see the rain moving toward us. We had to move back to the car to be dry and warm, and it rained off and on--mostly on-- for the most of the game. Good thing Karen made Jake bring some extra clothes!!

A little ways out of Medford, we got onto Dead Indian Hwy. It winds up through the mountains and woods in a kind of 'back way' to Klamath. Sure is pretty! Chris says that this is the way he usually travels because it is pretty and seems to be quicker. The clouds and fog were beginning to settle on the montains, but it was absolutely beautiful, too. The mountains are so soothing to my soul!

After Madison's game we headed out of town -East and North- to Klamath Fallsfor Jacob's game. It sprinkled on us a little at Mad's game, but this shot and the next show how the clouds began to descend as we headed towards Jacob's game.

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Discursivelyhappy said...

It looks like you guys had a great time!