Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brakfast Buffet--Saturday Morning

If you reserved rooms at the hotel for the NAM pageant, you received vouchers for the breakfast buffet. The food was really pretty good, but I don't think there was enough communication to the person who scheduled staff etc. for the weekend. They kept running out of certain foods [i.e. plenty of gravy, but NO biscuits!]and did not really have enough wait staff either; but everyone was pleasant and helpful--just overworked. [They also had a "Stamp Show" and some other meeting going on in the motel!]
Madison 'practiced her smile' for everyone with a camera! It has always been beautiful! Everywhere she went in the hotel, she wore her pageant number, too.

Karen is peeling and quartering an apple for Erika. Look how long Erika's hair has gotten. It is so different from Madison's in color, texture, and 'thickness'. But it is beautiful, too. And it is part of what makes her be Erika!
I was scrapbooking a page with Erika's baby pictures one time, and it was very interesting to see how her hair got lighter and lighter each month. It was brown like Madison's had been when she was born, and was this beautiful golden color by her first birthday.
After our breakfast together, Madison had some rehearsal time and other meetings. For lunch, we all walked down a block to a mall at the Lloyds Center and ate in the Food Court then went our separate ways to due a little shopping. It was beautiful weather!

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Ron/dad/papaw said...

What a great time! I agree that the restaurant in the hotel needed better management or something...they tried to be fancy but weren't very organized. Everyone in the hotel was really helpful, tho'. I love the pics of the girls!