Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pageant Saturday Evening

All of the girls were judged in these catergories: Formal wear [with escort], personal introduction, interview with the judges, and ?[I can't remember?!?! :0)].
Here is Madison with her handsome escort, her Daddy. I think her dress fits her personality, and I was very impressed that Chris could still wear the Tuxedo he had while in high school!! [Heehee!]

I know this picture is dark, but this is when she was actually introduced for the first time. After they walked onstage she walked toward the judges and then made a slow circle in front of them so that they could see her total outfit, smiling all the while, of course! When Chris rejoined her, he presented her with a rose bouquet [most escorts did this for their girls] and walked her off stage. Erika was sitting between Ron and I. Madison was number 22 out of 46 or 47 girls to be presented. After a while Ron touched my arm and said to me,"Is Erika asleep?''. Sure enough, she had curled up on the comfy chair and was fast asleep. She stayed that way through all of the rest of the evenings program.
After the 'formal wear' Madison had to rush back to the dressing room and put on her 'interview outfit' and get ready to come back out for her Personal Introduction.
The girl standing by her was last years winner in this division. She stood there and passed the microphone to each girl as she came out [by herself this time] and gave her own introduction. Some girls tried to memorize a whole complicated speech. Some did well with it and some did not. Madison came right out and took the microphone and said,"Hello! My name is Madison Lamb, from the beautiful city of Medford Oregon. When I grow up I would like to become an interior designer. Thank you!"
She had a lot of 'stage presence', perhaps because she was the primary character in a Christmas play at church last December ?!?


Abby said...

Glad you got to be there! She is one pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

She did so awesome didn't she! :O)

Mandy said...

Great pics! Fun memories