Tuesday, June 2, 2009

National American Miss--Oregon

Friday night of the pageant weekend they had a "50's" get aquainted dance for all the contestants and their families. Karen and Chris made Madison's poodle skirt and fixed an "M" on her shirt a la "Laverne and Shirley". Erika got a poodle fixed on one of her skirts and an "E" on her shirt. Both had long scarves tied around their pony tails. Check out Erika's big old sunglasses!
Here, they are dancing on the very crowded stage with Daddy. Karen and I were trying to take pictures---when we could find them in the crowd!

Madison is trying to do the Twist. Her elastic in her skirt was a little too loose and she was constantly having to pull it back up as she danced.

Here is a close-up of the "poodle". She ought to be able to wear this skirt for a while. They both looked so cute!

Mommy and Daddy got 'in the spirit' and dressed 50's style, too. The music variety was great but it was really loud, and then they were trying to talk over it to tell the girls some things. My ears were 'tired'! Might have something to do, too, with the fact that we had flown that day and it was already past Midnite, Missouri time, when we were through! Ron stayed in the room and went to bed. He 'turns into a pumpkin' when it gets that late!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh! I always take horrible pictures! I didn't think the music was too loud. I think you are just getting old! :O) No it was loud!